Would be real nice if it there were some visual and/or audio cue when the bonus is active. Or a buff counter showing how many hits till the next bonus.
I think a separate set of sound effect for ruthless hits would be nice but that is probably asking for a lot, since different types of damage makes different sounds. Unfortunately audio effects also get significantly screwed in this game too, such as in tarring ground maps, and if too many things are going on at once the audio channels cap out and we lose info.

It is really hard to tell when ruthless hits are applying if you aren't stunning anything, and often you may kill the monsters and not see the stun, or if you apply freezes and one-shot, you won't see stun either (because it won't stun on the freezing hit).

I have tried always counting in my head the number of attacks but I always mess up eventually and have to rely on seeing stun overhead on trash mobs. But I believe this gem is pretty much only good for bosses and unless you're a stun build, you probably won't be stunning bosses, so one you lose count, sort of have to eyeball the boss lifebar or check your leech if using sufficiently slow hits with instant leech. In other words not too practical methods!
Should really work on channeling skill interaction...

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