how does this support gem work with cyclone?

dps shows nothing. so how can people tell how this gem works?
if i hit twice with earthquake will the secondary effect (explosion) proc ruthless?
This!!! i hope GGG staff can explain ruthless mechanism, its too confusing especially with cyclone and earthquake
After some testing with Blade Flurry, I'm 99% sure it's not every third hit, but every third use of the skill.

I agree with a previous poster about seeing maybe a buff icon at the top when your next attack is going to be a ruthless blow. As of right now, I'm practicing counting every third time I use it so I can time a juicy 2x damage multi on bosses.
I also tested the gem with multistrike and cyclone. It is on every third use of the skill (mana expenditure for example).

This gem seems pretty abusable (not in a terrible way though). It's not really overpowered, but having more tedious gameplay can lead to slightly better results.

Channeled attacks like charged dash and blade flurry for obvious reasons.

Cyclone to a minor extent, though you need really good micro for that or very slow movement speed (can do longer length cyclones on every third attack for more ruthless hits).
Since it's every 3 uses and not every 3 hits, could this work well with Shield Charge? Two short range charges, then one max range shield charge for massive damage!
That sounds like a good idea too :)
biyte wrote:
That sounds like a good idea too :)

Heavy strike...

Base stun duration is 800ms compared to 350ms on normal stun. Good roll tidebreaker gets you close to 75% treshold. 19% from enduracne charge on meele stun you get for free wtih mace, 25% from build in, 27-30% tidebreaker.

2xtreshold jewel 20% each now helmet enchant gives 12%. Soo you have on averange procing double damage every 2nd ruthless hit.

Depending on build that in theory gives aprox 1,7s stun as most generic mace setup has somewhere 100% increase in stun duration.

Every sixth hit does 211% more damage. It might be hardest hiting physical skill in game atm. Add something like Slayer ascendant for extra 40%. New tree allows duelist/scion/marauder easy acess to 80% bleed chance. With another 20% on bleeding targets.

Get tooltip averange damage and multiply by 271%. Bleed duration is 5s stackable 8 times throu crimson dance. Only 8 higest instances will apply.

Each second ruthless hit apply 271% more bleed damage.

Now cherry on top you can get free culling strike on stun with maces. Map has unwavering too bad vaal ground slam does not give a f..k.
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I was planning on this being my 6th link for my bleed blade flurry build and after some testing.. I don't think it works while you just channel. I also tried it with vengeance and didn't see it stun anything. Nor with shield charge.

Now this could be because I still need to meet a Stun Threshold to actually stun a target. If that's the case then ughh.. I figured I could get those juicy 120%ish more hit and bleed damage and stuns going off but it doesn't seem to work well with blade flurry. May have to switch in maim instead. Had that on my warchief totem.

Kind of wish they would discuss gems like this a little more.
Ruthless is not transparent.

My suggestion:

If you really meant "on every third hit" instead of "every third use" then a very cheap solution for developing would be:

Add a symbol on the affected minions. You could discuss the the head...whatever.

And then the symbol gets "completed". So first hit, you see a part of the symbol, next hit, the next part of the symbol. And third hit the symbol "explodes" or something, but don't make it too fancy. Just a simple animation that indicates the state and finally shows the trigger of the support gem.

This would also answer most of the questions here because you could see the effect directly (or not, in case ruthless is not working with this skill)
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