i have been testing and playing occultist with decay support on various spells but mostly arc supported by decay, efficacy, vile affliction and void manipulation.

I have stumbled weird behavior about decay and ES leech support described in my post here

As decay is chaos dot it potentially falls into two categories (poison dot and chaos dot) but since Poison builds mostly scale of phys damage and not direct chaos damage, Decay generally would feel great if it falls in the chaos archetype support gem.

That being said all chaos gems currently benefit from flat spell damage ("Modifiers to Spell Damage apply to this Skill's Damage Over Time effect") So in every build that uses blight/ED/Soulrend and Bane generally stack some spell damage also.

Decay support would feel great if it could benefit off spell damage allowing it to have viable support gems(like controlled destruction) and up to date modern POE scaling.

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