[3.3] Whispering Ice CI Quad Icestorm Totems

shanhaevelpl wrote:

1 are jewels with + int + totem damage and totem life ( like you said they die fast at higher levels) or int and cold pen worth the time ?

I really don't think totem life is going to make any difference. Just got to spread the totems apart if the enemies have a lot of heavy aoe/projectiles.

For jewels you really just want Int and then any damage stat that affects the spell or ES mods.

shanhaevelpl wrote:

2 its viable to use other spells in build for example scorching ray (or other channeling gem) with cast when channeling in whispering ice as a totem or it would be total waste pr damage?

As far as I know CwC will not work with spell totems so would have to just be CwC which means you would have to stand still and also probably go life-based so you can leech.

shanhaevelpl wrote:

3 what pantheon passives you recommend ? i think most of them are weak or its just me after making a walking fortress as first char in this season

Pantheon powers are mostly situational depending on the content you are doing. I personally like the Brine King one because stuns can sometimes be a pain and Aberrath for the reduced ignite duration/burning ground immunity which can be annoying when you want your ES to recharge.
Seems interesting. I personally would want to see a general game-play video to see how it actually plays out in a map and it's speed before investing time into a new character and build. I'd suggest finding some sort of way to provide even a brief game-play video with any future build guides. Thanks for sharing. :)
Just an update. I'm trying a life plus MoM (with a little energy shield too) version of this build concept, with avatar of fire and cold to fire. I've just completed all of the acts deathless. I know for some this may seem not that significant or not that big of an achievement, but as I said in an earlier post, these 4 totems melt bosses.

Here is my current gear at level 67 (almost 68):

I've also got these lined up:

I'm excited to see how this progresses into end game.

This is my current tree (i'm still new to this forum editing so i hope these links work):

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Has anyone tried this out recently?

I'm doing the best I can with it being lvl 78, a video of how people use it would be nice.
10 more passive points would also help me a lot lol.

This is my build so far using yours as a base and I thank you, I wanted to try a CI build since I was already doing a Life based WI Templar build and hated it, I simply couldn't get the required resists. You have a really solid write up and build, but I couldn't replicate your success unfortunately, probably because of play style differences, lag or because I just suck. *laughs*


I went back to Scorch and CWC as well as a leech gem since Ghost Reaver allows for an ES instant Leech much like Vaal Pact does for life, my other Templar was the WI marauder build with slight differences for an Inquisitor. I'm running discipline and vitality auras and using the "Incandescent Heart Saintly Chainmail" as a 25% mitigation to all incoming elemental damage by turning it into chaos damage which because of CI you don't take at all. So far my ES is only at 7k because I went with armor/ES gear so when I get hit physically I take slightly less damage, but I'm beginning to wonder if that was a mistake since I'm mostly dying to things like Elemental reflect and bleed, even though I'm using Yugul. The next goal is to get Ash, Frost and Storm in order to take less elemental reflect and give a boost to elemental damage which will also increase the chaos damage from the chest piece and then Trickery for a further boost. I took the mana leech in order to not gem it, my average damage right now is 4.4k with a fire golem, not very high I realize. I was running a stone golem, but found it very situational as to when it was good and most of the time it ran off and died and I failed to notice at bad times.

Unfortunately this means in order to do the build as an ES/mana leech build you'll need more costly equip (IHSC is only cheap for bad rolls and if you want a gear project.) and likely if you're running full unique items + 2 Perandus signets you'll need to fill your jewel sockets with expensive Int + Resist + %Damage jewels to which I've only personally found 1 of. The rest have been int + fire damage +either cold or +3 ES when you hit something which is almost okay since the Incandescent heart gives you chaos damage based off your elemental damage, effectively free extra damage. I'd assume if you use the chest your totems would also get the free chaos damage, but don't quote me. Unfortunately, taking advantage of the chaos damage means you can't grab fire avatar in order to monopoize on using a fire penetration gem.

I still have the totem points because I found casting decoy totem before opening a chest, harbingers or right in front of an inactive boss to be mildly beneficial, although most of the time it's unnecessary. I may end up refunding the points at a later date and placing them elsewhere for more damage or ES. The reason I kept the first totem slot for ascendant is for the 6% damage per kill, but I'm wondering just how great that is or isn't.

Now that I've rambled on for longer than I thought if you want to know more about how the turret side of the CI WI ES leech build lives let me know. *laughs*
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Nice idea :)

Your skill tree is pretty good overall, though here are some suggestions (correct me if I'm wrong):

The skill effect duration cluster at the scion starting area is not that great for WI because you already get a decent amount of extra base duration from Int.

The mana leech node in the assassin area is not going to do anything because its "attack damage leech" and icestorm is a spell. Getting this boot enchantment could help a lot: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Modifier:EnchantmentLifeAndManaLeechOnKill3 Alternatively, you could maybe use warlord's mark which could also allow you to replace the leech gem with a damage gem.

Mind over Matter does not work with CI because it only removes mana before life and not energy shield. It kinda depends on how much base ES you have whether its worth taking MoM just for the extra mana for the bonus ES.

Not sure if the totem life and resist node is really going to make any difference. Decoy totem is only really good for a quick getaway and won't last long especially at higher levels.

Finally, the jewel socket in the scion area is maybe not worth it so much. If you take the 4 points off and the 2 from the mana leech node you could instead grab the socket and the three regen nodes in the assassin area (Growth and Decay) which would get you a socket, double the regen and some Int.

The IHSC idea is interesting but I don't think its really worth it tbh. the damage is nice but you can get about half as much from a rare chest with a good Int roll on it plus then you will have more ES and can get some resistance too, maybe freeing up one or two of the "Walker" passives or the "Elementalist" passive. Plus then you could go for the fire conversion and all that which would probably give you better damage than with IHSC anyway.

I personally also avoided the whole perandus ring full unique setup also because of resists/ES, and the reason I went for spell totem is because I hate the reflect mechanic and don't want to have to deal with it at all.

I'm loving the build so far, but I don't get why you don't take Whispers of Doom. It's only 3 points away.

My current gem set up for my chest is:
Ball Lightning - GMP - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble - Temporal Chains - Culling Strike

I might try 3 curses in the future for Frostbite/Elemental Weakness.
Very good point actually. I would have to sacrifice a bit of Int so about 300 ES less but the damage is significantly higher. Will definitely add this to the guide soon. Thanks :)
After doing some digging around. I found this, hope it helps.


Mind Drinker Mana Leech is now all attack damage, not just physical.
Darrius_Brank wrote:
After doing some digging around. I found this, hope it helps.


Mind Drinker Mana Leech is now all attack damage, not just physical.

We never deal attack damage at all.

boombrakka wrote:
Very good point actually. I would have to sacrifice a bit of Int so about 300 ES less but the damage is significantly higher. Will definitely add this to the guide soon. Thanks :)

Glad you like it! I also wanted to go over the gem set up, because I think it is inefficient.

Whispering Ice
I've kept this set up the same as the guide, so far. It does good damage. I've been wondering about using Increased Duration to extend the time of the totems and the Icestorms, though.

Black Sun Crest
Also the same. Might use Artic Armor after resistances are capped.

Ball Lightning - GMP - Curse on Hit - [x] - [y] - [z]

Lots of flexibility here. For dual curses, you can run Enfeeble and Temporal Chains for defense, Frostbite and Elemental Weakness for offense, or some combination. For the 6th slot, you could use a 3rd curse if you have that option, or choose some utility:
Culling Strike
Increased Critical Strikes (to activate Elemental Overload).

Now that I'm high enough level to ditch Tabula Rasa, I only have a 5-link ES chest to use so I'm using Enfeeble + Temporal Chains, but I like Blind the most of those three for a 6th because the other two will get used later.

I wanted to do Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks - [x], but it would have probably needed to be RRGG on a pure Int equipment. Possible, but a massive drain on Chromatics. Instead, I toyed around with that Phase Run you like so much and I found it pretty darn useful. So I went with:

Cast on Damage Taken (Lvl 1) - Phase Run (Lvl 3) - Flame Dash (Lvl max) - Faster Casting (Lvl max)

It makes a lot more sense to use a 4-link for our movement speed set up than our 6-link. And this gets all the important bits while being much easier to color on pure ES equipment than Leap Slam. So now we have one more equipment to gem up. I choose this set up:

Orb of Storms - Flame/Stone Golem - Increased Critical Strikes - Culling Strike

Another utility slot. Orb of Storms will be used to proc Elemental Overload and also pick off those near death. As a bonus, casting our Ball Lightning set up inside Orb of Storm's radius will make it fire off more attacks. The golem used is down to preference, but I would say it's better to survive than to kill faster.

All these gem set ups still probably aren't perfect, but I think it's better than buffing our golem or using our 6-link on movement skills. We get more utility this way.

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