[3.0 Updated] League Starter Spectral Throw Slayer with Hiltless

It depends on how you feel the build is performing, which btw, you really need to support your ancestral protector, right now it's only linked to faster attacks and that's no good. Melee splash is a must here or AP can focus on trash and do nothing to things killing you as it has no AOE. Maim support is also great, because it's damage modifier is triggered on everyone in the splash zone.

As your build stands, I would say you first need damage, as I don't think you have enough, so I would say bottom of the right sword wheel, then complete the top of the life wheel all the way into path of the Warrior. And then, either the crit nodes in the shadow range or the bottom part of the left sword wheel.

But you do need to get ST on a 5L or better and AP in a 4/5L. Otherwise, many yellow maps will be a challenge to complete without dying.
Thanks for the tips; adjustments made. I now have only 2 chaos left :)
LOL, the amount of times in which I've gone from riches to poverty so far this season can't be counted with one hand.

It is what it is.

BTW, currently doing all the way into tier 11 and the damn build isn't still fully operational, my Hiltless is refusing to cooperate into becoming 6L... I've thrown into it way over 500 fusings... Buying the 6L prophecy would have been better business...

I'm using very similar build, inspired by your work in 90% :P I do have some small differences in passives for example, as I preserved 1 mana leech node + I went for 1 int note for blasphemy and did not go for neither Vaal Pact nor Acrobatics, but the core of the build is pretty much the same
(5l Terminus, Devoto's, Winds, ST with proj phys dmg instead of faster attacks, possibly faster attacks for single target)
I am currently considering some upgrade as far as my chest is concerned. I thought about either Belly or Kitsungi (I'm running armor/evasion build, not pure evasion). Could you share your thoughts about it? ;)
I'm currently at around 4.3k hp, 2.1k armor and 3.8k evasion.

BTW, yesterday I finished my first 2 red maps and it went pretty smooth, so thanks a lot for the idea of the build!

Here's the link to my characters (Proento is "the one")
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Could you share your thoughts about it?

Can't really do much, your characters page is set to private, you need to make it public for me to see it.

What I can tell you is this, armor is good if you have a lot of it and if you also generate endurance charges, otherwise it doesn't really do much for you, as with the amount you have it may mitigate a melee hit from a blood chimp or something puny like that, anything higher than that will go over your armor and hit you for the full extent of it.

So, my advise would be: if your character is a ranged one, focus on evasion. If it's a melee one, focus on armor. If it's a spell caster focus on eshield/armor or eshield/evasion, depending on if it's up close or ranged.

GLHF and keep grinding.
My bad, character tab was hidden :P

I decided to invest in Starkonja + Kintsugi, because im playing more ranged style (without slower proj), so as you said, evasion might be more valuable.

Now I'm considering acrobatics as something that might be useful, as my armor is not existing right now :P Also, isn't Vaal Pact working against ascension-leech nodes?
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mogath wrote:
Also, isn't Vaal Pact working against ascension-leech nodes?

Yeah, I was wondering how VP interacted with Brutal Fervour. The wording makes it seem like all of its benefits are nullified, and it might be better to get Overwhelm instead.
Also, isn't Vaal Pact working against ascension-leech nodes?

Yes and no, what VP does it's that your leeching is applied instantly to your health instead of over time.

But since you posted that comment I decided to spec out VP and go without it, as the build has 2.6% life regen and in 2 of my rare pieces of equipment I also have regen I wanted to check that out. Also, I picked up Carnage heart, which doesn't like VP all that much.

The result is actually amazing, the regen, even with Blood Rage on and in a vulnerability map, keeps my health topped, which is a good change.

So, I'm keeping this as is, without Vaal Pact, I'm working on getting my 6L Hiltless, currently saving to buy the 6L prophecy, then I'll make an update with the finalized version of the build.

Thanks for your comments and let's keep grinding.
If we drop VP, we're 1 point away from another 1% regen, at "Master of the Arena" (left of "Bravery").

The next best node is Warrior's Blood at 1.8%, but it's 3 points away. North of the Templar life wheel is less good, as it's 3 points for just 1%.

EDIT: Bonus: Going to "Master of the Arena" allows a faster route to Destroyer :)
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Regen is good enough as it is. As I said 2.6 is good enough that Blood Rage with Vulnerability curse (increased phys damage taken) won't beat the crap out of you. Even bleeding, by itself, won't beat your regen. Now, if you have blood rage, vulnerability and bleeding... Well, 2.6 isn't enough and that's why there are staunching flasks.

BTW, so far I've done most Unique Maps and what I can say is this: Stay away from the expensive ones, I don't think even the full version of the build can pull those off, not enough single target dps. And also stay away from Oba's curse and Hall of the Grandmasters.

Losing a Grandmaster and one Oba's doesn't hurt because they are cheap, but losing a Putrid Cloister hurts.

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