WORK IN PROGRESS [3.0] League starter - RF life build (HC viable)

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Help Alira for some sweet mana regen, crit multiplier and 15% too all elemental resistances.
Oak or two skill points seems better in every way. You're wearing around 6-7 rares so resistance shouldn't be any issue at all.
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Nice, thanks for the guide.

What's your life and regen stats with this build?

- Cheap, no unique items are required

Would be curious on the gearing for this., given RotP is integral to a successful RF build.
I wil start new leahue with this build i was seen it from phox alredy try to find in forum so iam glad to see this :)

Hi , I am not able to see the pictures of the items .. I dont know whether its my end or picture end :)
I am going to start with this build
5. At level 21 you can swap to RF. Get the best life flasks possible.

how on god earth you wanna sustain RF on lvl 21 thats impossible as a league starter build
tnx for the guide !
i have a good life and def but I do not understand why as soon as I start up its end my Hp in 1 sec :(
Explain how you switch to RF at lvl 21? In a new league?
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People are greatly exaggerating how easy it is to pull off RF at low level. I gave up and just did sunder to 65. I degened way too fast even with some 7 % life regen.
I've been following this guide and so far so good. I transitioned to RF a little later like lv35 but the regen from normal lab + enduring cry + occasional pot keeps me topped off for life.

The normal lab and using enduring cry on cd are really key for getting RF off the ground. Don't forget to do some math before switching to RF!

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