The Fall of Oriath and the Harbinger Challenge League launch in less than two days! We know you're all eager to get prepared before the launch, so we've assembled the necessary item filter and skill tree data to get you on your way. This post is predominantly designed for tool authors and advanced Path of Exile users. If you're new to the game and not sure what to do with this information, don't worry too much! We'll update Path of Exile's built-in item filter in the game and the Passive Skill Tree on the website alongside the launch of The Fall of Oriath.

Passive Skill Tree Information

We listed upcoming changes to the passive tree in the 3.0.0 Patch Notes yesterday. If you're a community tool creator, you can find the JSON data here. Emmitt has exposed this data for the community to use. You will be able to find it here.

Item Filter Information

New Item Classes
  • New Item Class: Piece
  • New Item Class: Pantheon Soul

New Base Items
  • Divine Vessel - Map Fragments
  • Orb of Annulment - Stackable Currency
  • Orb of Binding - Stackable Currency
  • Orb of Horizons - Stackable Currency
  • Harbinger's Orb - Stackable Currency
  • Engineer's Orb - Stackable Currency
  • Ancient Orb - Stackable Currency
  • Annulment Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Binding Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Horizon Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Harbinger's Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Engineer's Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Ancient Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Chaos Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Mirror Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Exalted Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Regal Shard - Stackable Currency
  • Miasmeter - Quest Items
  • Eyes of Zeal - Quest Items
  • Sign of Purity - Quest Items
  • Tukohama's Tooth - Quest Items
  • Hinekora's Hair - Quest Items
  • Valako's Jaw - Quest Items
  • Eye of Conquest - Quest Items
  • Bestel's Manuscript - Quest Items
  • The Black Flag - Quest Items
  • Maligaro's Map - Quest Items
  • Obsidian Key - Quest Items
  • Kishara's Star - Quest Items
  • Silver Locket - Quest Items
  • Black Venom - Quest Items
  • Greust's Necklace - Quest Items
  • Firefly - Quest Items
  • Sun Orb - Quest Items
  • Moon Orb - Quest Items
  • Ankh of Eternity - Quest Items
  • Wings of Vastiri - Quest Items
  • Sekhema Feather - Quest Items
  • Storm Blade - Quest Items
  • Trarthan Powder - Quest Items
  • Basilisk Acid - Quest Items
  • Calendar of Fortune - Quest Items
  • Elixir of Allure - Quest Items
  • The Teardrop - Quest Items
  • The Staff of Purity - Quest Items
  • Charged Dash - Active Skill Gem
  • Dark Pact - Active Skill Gem
  • Storm Burst - Active Skill Gem
  • Ignite Proliferation Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Chance to Bleed Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Lesser Poison Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Deadly Ailments Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Decay Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Efficacy Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Vile Toxins Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Maim Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Immolate Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Unbound Ailments Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Brutality Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Ruthless Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Onslaught Support - Support Skill Gem
  • Arcane Surge Support - Support Skill Gem

Renamed Items
  • Summon Skeletons renamed to Summon Skeleton
  • Weapon Elemental Damage Support renamed to Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
  • Melee Damage on Full Life Support renamed to Damage on Full Life Support
  • Increased Burning Damage Support renamed to Burning Damage Support
  • Rapid Decay Support renamed to Swift Affliction Support
  • Quay Map renamed to Port Map
  • Shaped Quay Map renamed to Shaped Port Map

New Sound Alerts
  • ItemFilterAlert10
  • ItemFilterAlert11
  • ItemFilterAlert12
  • ItemFilterAlert13
  • ItemFilterAlert14
  • ItemFilterAlert15
  • ItemFilterAlert16
  • ShAlchemy
  • ShBlessed
  • ShChaos
  • ShDivine
  • ShExalted
  • ShFusing
  • ShGeneral
  • ShMirror
  • ShRegal
  • ShVaal
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Grinding Gear Games
Hey guys, just a quick note. You've probably seen that we generally run a stash tab sale every three weeks. This usually misses our launch weekends due to luck, but if we followed our three week schedule, it'd occur alongside the 3.0.0 launch this weekend. It's already going to be quite a busy weekend for us, so I'm moving the stash tab sale to the following weekend. I'm very sorry about any inconvenience this causes, but here's to hoping we have a smooth launch. We have certainly ordered a lot more servers than we have ever had before!
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Woot! Not long now :D.

Edit: My GPU just crapped out so we gonna be running the first few days of this league on an old AMD HD 7850. Should be a good test for the new performance improvements :D.

Edit 2: Don't make fun of the HD7850 this old card pulls great frames still - like a few of you have said its actually pretty decent for PoE.
Last edited by Drewster_X on Aug 3, 2017, 4:01:00 AM
The real king of the hill - ASSZERKER CoC - high life, insane damage and clear speed
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Drewster_X wrote:
Woot! Not long now :D.

Edit: My GPU just crapped out so we gonna be running the first few days of this league on an old AMD HD 7850. Should be a good test for the new performance improvements :D.

I used Path of Exile to test a PowerColor HD 7850 I won in an Ebay auction for $40 a few weeks ago, ran quite a lot better than expected. Mostly just AFK'd in a 750 object hideout to test the thermal paste application, but ran a few maps on a very fast casting freezing pulser and FPS seemed playable in breaches. Was on a 6700K test bench. Pitcairn is still pretty good, it's the 3rd one I've played with over the years.
Last edited by Astealoth on Aug 3, 2017, 12:32:19 AM

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