Recently we revealed two skills we're working on: Charged Dash and Storm Burst. We're also working on a third skill, Dark Pact! While this skill is a work in progress and still may undergo some changes, we're excited to reveal a preview of how this skill currently works.

Dark Pact is a new Chaos spell that sacrifices your life or the life of your skeleton minions to do area chaos damage. If you have skeleton minions summoned near where you cast, the skill will chain between them, sacrificing a portion of their life to do a large amount of area damage around them. If you've got no skeleton minions or they're a long way away from where you cast, you instead sacrifice your own life. If you do so, the skill has a bonus to radius and damage.

Because the damage dealt by the skill is based on life, the skill has a unique build setup, involving specializing in minion life or player life and maximizing chaos and spell damage. The skill also works well with Minion Instability and the Necromancer's Beacon of Corruption, as you're able to forcibly cause your skeletons to reach low life.

The skill doesn't do damage to you or your skeletons, it instead instantly removes life, so the skill does not work with Cast when Damage Taken and other self-damage setups and cannot be mitigated. Instead, the caster must use leech or other forms of life recovery to sustain their own life when used on themselves, or resummon their skeletons if they die.

Here is a video of the skill in action, used on a character that uses Dark Pact through their skeletons, and on a different character that sacrifices their own life.

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So far so good :)
Can't wait till 3.0 comes out... Ledacy is too... legacy :) Thx for turmoil event, at least there are some ppl playing.
Last edited by BestiyaLV on Jul 24, 2017, 1:36:47 AM
Looks lit fam
Holy crap
(🌸=◡=) (=◡=🌸)
Btw, how is this interact with CI ?
Last edited by T_Speed on Jul 24, 2017, 1:41:01 AM
Can this be supported by Trap Support?
I have ALWAYS wanted an ability like this! Saccing health for damage! WOOT!

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