2.6.3 Patch Notes

Wonderful patch.
Thank you so much!
Run poe(non beta)>Use mtx weapon>press "tab">siffer............B**CH
upd:sometimes got crushed
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Kinda curious, but will skin transfers ever be able to go cross-type like the different mtx in the shop? (like how the Seraph Sword can go on axes and maces).
The new microtransactions and cosmetic display changes are awesome! You guys really improved those two areas. Great updates ... Thank you!!!
Had run into bug yesterday: big red cross on weapon effect slots did remove the effect nominally (it was depicted as not used in both cosmetic and micro-stash tabs), but did not actually, at least from my perspective, instead changing it first to Aspirant, and after several attempts, to Classic (I even had two Classic effects at once, yippee). These fake effects have disappeared after logging out.

Oh, and it would be nice and natural to actually add sorting to hideout tab.

And another oh, is it possible now to add cosmetics to item-granted skill/support? Still hoping for Arcane Tome Soul Mantle.
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No, No, Noooooo, please GGG.

This "skin or effect protect from removing" feature was why i bought on quite every of my 7 accounts something. Please try to get this feature back. I accidentally removed a char in the past, so i know what i am talking about.

Thanks & congrats for making the dream of 10 Acts real ;)
The new micro-transactions...WOW, AMAZING, PERFECTION!

Long time coming, and well worth it.

Great job to all who worked to get this necessary change accomplished.
The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
I am pleased that you have gotten the 'Terraria Solution' to work. There remain in my opinion, however, a few things to consider:

Oriathian Regalia - the art team evidently had fun designing the Blackguard uniforms (this includes the officer uniform worn by Captain Arteri), as well as those of other Oriathian military units. I repeat - if you make them available, people will buy them.
Maraketh Garb - what we've seen on the NPCs in Highgate (Oyun herself; the gate guards) could be expanded upon.
A Farewell to Skin Transfers - easily enough accomplished with minor additions to the new system (example: allowing folks to use armor pieces as skin material).
Black and White - players should be able to toggle between Solaris and Lunaris coloration for Zana's hideout...
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Thank you I been begging for this mtx uppdate for 4 years!
Well done GGG
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