Sao Paulo Server latency

Today was a horrible day, I got disconnected like 8 times, or more but I stoped counting. Is just annoying.
OMFG, really? Shut this server down already!!! I'm f*cking tired of losing maps that I invested alot cuz of this, every single day this is happening!
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Hi Fitzy, sorry to bother you again.

Location: Argentina
ISP: Telecentro

Between 80 and 100ms in SP. Used to be 40, 50. It feels a lot worse than 100ms, I'm playing in texas 170ms and it's much more playable.

Ty again.


Playing in SP with 40ms FINALLY when "an unespected disconnection ocurred". Can't log in now... "The operatio timed out".

Edit: Kicked out from Texas and SP. Washingtong here we go.
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Idk what to do anymore. Cant even play on US servers now.
Anyone else experiencing the same, could you test out twitch and see if its lagged/going off as well?
Anyone knows what to do
I was playing at Washington's servers, because its better play with 150ms then with unstable Sao Paulo's servers, getting dced all the time.
And on any server i get tons of desyncs...
I have something around 10 friends playing with me, all them tells me the same thing: "Oh, damn.. got desync.." "oh.. desync again"..

Siriously, guys, i don't know what happened in Delve patch, but before i never had any problems... Now it's just impossible to play.. i survive almost all the time because i have a lot of life leech, but its kinda suck to go somewhere in map and then 2 seconds later you just get teleported back to the initial place..

Its kinda boring, and the sad part is that i've just spent money in supporter pack...
DC is having some problems lately, so that's why.
SP is offline because well... it's SP.
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Im having:

Login Error
The operation timed out.
Looks like there are continuing problems with the exchange. I'm checking with the DC to see if they know what is up.
today was a good day, flipped 3 loreweaves in 2 hours and made 3ex profit. That was all I could do. At least i'm getting currency!
Well I play HC SSF in Br realm and It's really annoying :/

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