The Fall of Oriath: Doedre the Vile

MTX fix?

Crafting benches/hideout fix?

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We lived and died and lived within our deaths many a times over,
knitting one after the other the other clots of states of being,
flourishing, decaying, colors of the same cloth
Yet none of us is brought before what we will finally become
and even that is known to be another mystery
I'm sensing a pattern here (boss/story spoilers)
Shavronne was in Act 6, Maligaro in Act 7, and now Doedre in Act 8. I wouldn't be surprised if Malachai returns in Act 9 in some form.

SO FVCKING HYPED!! <333333333333333
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Good news, everyone! I think I perfected a plague that will destroy all life on Wryclast!
Yay voiceover with a New Zealand accent!
Why is the area to fight in so small? It seems like an artificial way to increase the difficulty.
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