The Fall of Oriath: Doedre the Vile

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This gives me chills
Well that's cool that she's getting a new model and fight, even if it's in a shithole.
But that does raise the question, why didn't Maligaro and Shavronne get new models?
Because honestly while thous fights are mechanically interesting, they more less feel like your fighting the same old characters again.

It's just Shavronne and Brutus, again.
Maligaro and Fidelitas, again.

Are they just placeholders?
I laughed when he started shooting out ice spear
When will Act 8 arrive?
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Nice! Cool fight!
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Will the update late next week Include a Beta MTX fix?
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I like that she is not doedre the hut any more
I dont see any any key!
I really want to see the new mtx system in place...
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