[3.0]Assassin Second Stage 3M+ POISON DPS Viper Strike theory

I wasn't getting OP's numbers in PoB when I opened up his build, so I poked about a bit...

And then I got the total DPS up to 4M. Gear is stupid expensive, and includes corruptions. It's by no means perfect, but I can't be fussed to fiddle with it any more.

Is anyone currently playing any sort of variation of this build? If so, how well is it going for you t14 and higher?
So i ran along with this build and it's pretty great up to merc lab. I ran an ES CI version and kept most of the other nodes the same, but in builder I only get 600k from the pg 1 pastebin and mine is more around 20k. I am not sure what has changed but I know I'm not 580k off in dps with bino's and lvl 19 gems in a 6link... http://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Elderlion2/ElderlionVS
your dps is just 20k??
Hello, I'm trying this build as a league starter on Abyss, because I thought with the new Flask, the new Curse and new Ancestral Call gem, I thought it would be nice.

With these new items in mind, would you make any changes to the build?
Brutality work ??

Brutality Support can still proc Poison, but it will have a duration of 0 and deal no damage.

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