[3.0]Assassin Second Stage 3M+ POISON DPS Viper Strike theory

Brutality doesn't work anymore as it got nerfed so that it not only removes elemental damage but chaos damage aswell
Thank you for the update
Why Brutality?
It doesn't affect POISON damage!

If you use Bino's Kitchen Knife (84-271) then better add Added Chaos Damage Support (170-256) rather them Void Manipulation.

Adding 170-256 Chaos damage to BASE gives 120% MORE BASE damage rather than 39% more from Void Manipulation.

1) Void Manipulation:
(84-271) = 177.5 * 16% = 28.4 * 1.39% = 39.47 Poison dps.

2) Added Chaos damage:
(84-271 + 170-256) (177.5 + 213) = 390.5 * 16% = 62.48 Poison dps.

So unless your WEAPON BASE DAMAGE isn't higher by x2.5 times than Added Chaos damage gem it is better to use it then Void manipulation multiplier!

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Guys, cd you explain it to me how to open the skill tree? I click the one from the post but it's bugged.
Why Arrow dancing? Is it really worth it?
Why don't you pick precision interception? Seems like a good skill while you are next to it.
Hey i am very new to understanding build paths so if possible could you please add a skill tree path for mid tiers like level 30 and level 45?
Only getting 670k dmg in Path of Building. Something change?
Can anyone say if this build is really viable and strong in 3.0?... I know, looking all this math looks very strong, But we know we should not trust 100% in Path of building, so i'm here asking for answers...

(I love poison builds and melee builds. Make this dream come true.)

Made some changes if you're interested, a huge jump in DPS. Figured since you already took the block loss from Acrobatics, might as well spend the extra 4 passives for the huge boost in survivability.

Also spent a couple extra points into health since eventually we will get hit. Most times it seems to be hard.

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