Weekly Beta Report One

ggg <3 cuddles
Made a fresh toon for the new supporter skills ^^ will level it to 38 then when the patch goes live i will continue so i can see how hard act 8 is comparing the rest :D
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Sadly I can't afford to purchase a supporter pack but I have been playing since the original beta and have purchased things when able. Are beta invites being sent out to others daily like I read in one of the recent posts just before the beta dropped?

Even if I never get in the beta I will be counting down to release and playing a ton. Everything I have seen has looked great and this is one of my favorite games. GGG is great. Thanks for the consistently updated content.
what about the hideout stash / crafting tools that are inaccessible ?
Good work.
Bex_GGG wrote:
SicariusCor wrote:
Nice list of fixes. Is there an update for mtx fix in the beta? Didn't see it in the list and would be nice to know if you have been able to locate the problem you had with the initial launch of it.

We're still looking into this. We'll post an update as soon as we're able to.

Hopefully its at least in the top 3 priorities for Beta, feels like crap to not be able to use them at all.
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For those of us not beta-ing, can we get an approximate launch date? Month? Year?
Haha, I'm surprised the bannon chat bug got a note with how inconsequential it was. I've unfortunately(?) not been able to find any other unreported bugs despite a weeks play.

Will be having fun tomorrow with the new supports on a VS shadow. Will test out freeze with unbound elements vs bosses after, find out if the change to boss freeze/shock "immunity" being made into a reduced effect resistance value is in.
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Does this patch resolve the issue with Arakaali and Kitava lacking pathing which would cause skills to be unable to target them?

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