Weekly Beta Report One

Hotfix for benches ASAP plz. :(
Just wondering is there going to be wipe tommorow? I want to create new char and run trough new acts but if they will wipe all old characters tommorow i wouldnt waste my time today
Hi all - I dont know if it is correct place for my message but if not - please transfer it to proper place.

This is my first post so sorry for any inconvinieces regarding to it.

I would like to share my tears and ideas regarding current game status - I mean what could be changed to make this game better.

Most of modes are bad in my opinion. First of all I would like to point that playing rare map with tons of mods is not rewarding as it should - actually I have noticed that I get similar expirience and not much worse loot when I play magic maps. Whats the point of rare maps - always challenging yourself making sure thats your build rocks? If for example I would like to progress faster in endgame I should choose rare maps and they should give more exprience for their risk of death and right now I dont feel it.

Going deeper:

* Elemental reflection - well it is bad mod and only certain characters are able to play it (summoners, totems and RF - I dont rememeber rest) - most of them not .I would like to point that characters on the left side have hard problems if they are meele and use elemental dmg. Good dmg reflection nodes are most on the right side and those near elemental equilibrium are just bad(in my opinion as they are nearest for the left side the should give better bonuses - this will help all other builds considering them when they will be good - not only choosing them because there is no other option)They should by decreased to maximum amount of 3 nodes - first two give 12% ele dmg and last one give 24 plus 20 reflection reduction plus 5% pentration. Thats sound like an option! Last thing - their placement is still bad - I think they should be on the tree somewhere before "Shaper" node looking from bottom.
Or you should delete it from map mods leaving it only as a roll on rare monsters.
Or delete it at all from whole game.
Or change mechanic - like it is 2% and then every hit on same mob is scaling it by +2% up to 18% or more(reset happens after 3 seconds or other time of not hitting) - that will slow down elemental players or those who use some elemental dmg, but at least they will not die - nothing is more annoying than death.

*I would like to point some mods should give more exp if you play them and you should feel it - why? beacuse at some point you cannot get better loot in game(poe.trade) or you want to push for 99 lvl or just want to progress faster:
- boss buffs
- monster buffs
- extra dmg as elemental
- curses on players

*Necrovigil mod should be deleted - its annoying not fun.

*Map mods that could be added:
1) Rare monster have Inner treasure - 50% - 75% less rare monsters
2) Magic monsters drops currency uppon detah - 50 - 75% less magic monsters
3) Unique boss drop currency upon death - and this one should be connected with more(more not increased) dmg or more attack speed, more life regen or more life leech or immunity to particular elemetal dmg or physical dmg(one of those per roll)
4) Players are immune for particular elmental dmg or phys or chaos - more fun why not?!
5) Players cannot be frozen or shocked/ignited/chilled/poisoned.
6) Players get +5 maximum life/energy shield(cannot be modified by any nodes or items - just flat) killing monsters - this could give some sustain when map is really hard and you want to encouter boss. This buff will disappear after leaving a map. If someone join map in the middle of "clearing" he will get buff for what was killed when she/he was there.
7) Players deal less dmg and take less dmg.
8) Monsters explode upon death dealing 1-5% of their maximum life to other monster as a one of types of damage - just niceeee:)
9) Monsters are immune to particular source of dmg(one of them) - some challange for mad players:)
10) stongboxes/shrines will drop additional currency when open/used.
11) Unique boss will drop legacy unique item - sounds like a good replacement for Ancient reliquary key:) - as people are still hunting and want legacy items(why I didnt get kaoms heart:C) !:)

*You should be able to craft additional rarity and quantity using Zana's device( for corrupted map as well) - this progress with Zana's progress

*You should be able to delete mod from map not only rerolling all the time and then vaal(delete will be in zana's device and it will be random - thug life of rng)

* You should be able to uncorrupt map with divine or exalted orb - more crafting ideas(vaal temple can have like"it cannot be purged" as info in description)

*"Divination card" should give better cards - I have never get anything really good - so why gathering them as through 3 months of play I didn't get anything valueable

*You should be able to have a chance for legacy when you gather particular "deck"

*Master on lvl 8 should give something when appearing on map - currency/map is good idea.

*Another idea is: when you encouter master on lvl 8 she/he will give you a special challenges(2 or 3, but 3 is better) - you will be able to choose one of them and you will get rewared decided when choosing challenge.Some examples:
- you will bring karui spirit to altar and it will summon powerfull monster who will drop currency
- you will bring karui spirit to altar and get 20 jewellers orbs
- you will hunt down infected beasts which will grant you extra exp when slained
- you will find uqnique map(but maybe this one already exists - I dont remember)
- you will kill boss who will explode into bunch of maps:)
- you will find 5 maps(random)
- you will protect a totem who is spreading(bigger aoe over time) small degeneration.
- you will protect a totem which is attacked by uniqe monsters(sick! but sounds cool)

*Vorici should give you 6link by a cost of a half of current fuses(750) - thats sound as a reasonable amount - 1500 is just too much - same for corrupted items

I was checking stun build and from my calculation you are able to reach 95% stun treshold reduction - this should be pushed up up to 98% - why? obtaining this value would be very costly and not easy but you should be able to stun all monsters in whole game including shaper. If someone doesn't like it she/he can play something different - not everybody is playing vaal sparks or "HOWA" build(no offense:)). However stun should be able to reach this value - 98%.
Stun mastery node - should give either 5% more damage against stunned monsters or 10% increased attack speed after you stun - this will help a lot when you are thiniking about deepest endgame and anything before is stunned right now so adding it will just help clearing faster.
Tidebreaker should give 1-2% increased attack speed per endurance charge or 1 to maximum resistances when on maximum endurance charges.
Redblade tamplers - 10-20 reduced enemy stun treshold and 5/15 - 15/25 phys dmg to attack. I am not using them because they are just to weak.
Flask should be able to roll reduced enemy stun treshold :5 - 20.
It is written that I am bleeding but I cannot generate frenzy charges when I have equipped http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Red_Trail

You should be able to get more keys moving through lab up to 5 to get great value comparing to time you spent to get them.
Lab should be lab - this means that you could get lost in it and must get back exactly as you came in. Now you just can rush finnishing it in less than 10 minutes.
As this will be you permanent content you should be able to add something to it permanenetly by either exping something or doing something else. This could be:
-additional enchanting device - more rng chances - thats good especialy for SSF players. In standard this could put prices on lower lvl but from my experience you want to make a build - max it and go for another. This could highly decrease time (thinking in days) to do this and make easier when you grinding hard. From my personal experience its so bad to clear lab in less then 10 minutes and enchants are bad. Also it is very expensive if I want to get exact enchant .It seems that buying it is better option. Buying needed item should be an option in this case.
- if you lost, you could release a spirit(this one above Isaro head) that will help you to find him.
- you could fight with Isaro arm to arm clearing passage to a sacred tomb which has cool loot or helps you to add special mechanics to lab - more hidden passages/slowing some traps permanently/ more passages or more rooms - really cool I think:)
In general idea of lab was awesome :)

I hope this was not boring as hell and some of ideas will be taken under consideration.

Thank you for you time and good luck!

Started yesterday, hit lvl 63 now

Only bug i've seen so far:

Haku and Elreon gave me their crafting Banks, but i cant see them in Hidout inventory.
Not able to place them, they are gone
Somehow, with Catarina it worked
there will be another wipe on the third wave of changes?
second wave of updates that will include the remaining bandit fights

What do they mean by that? Will there be second bandits?
Undoubtedly great changes and progress with the Beta.
However, I'm more interested to know when is the new micro-transaction system going to be implemented.
fkxShadow wrote:

Please do explain.
avodat wrote:
second wave of updates that will include the remaining bandit fights

What do they mean by that? Will there be second bandits?

No, there's a fight later in the game that changes based on what option you chose when doing the bandit quest. Right now only one version is in.
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Warmey wrote:

Can we keep our items in a stash while you wipe the characters. I acquired some decent items, and wouldn't like them to go to waste right now...


pretty sure it will be a full server wipe, meaning all of your work thus far is reset.

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I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with
sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
-Galileo Galilei

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