Spelling mistakes and typos

Realizing my own mistake, I take back this post.
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Hello, I was doing the quest titled "The Way Forward" when I noticed there was a mistake, instead of writing "to" there was only an "o" with no T.

Here is a picture of it:

I've fixed Tarkleigh's "to" missing a t.

The apostrophe thing I will look into later.

If anyone sees any other mistakes with foreign words (like "poinard"), make sure to post it here!
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Disclaimer: yes, I'm a grammar nazi.

Location: Tarkleigh's answer to you killing the Necromancer in the Fetid Pools.

Text: I've travelled inland on the Emperor's Road , via the

Problem: there's a space before the coma ::- D. You can't have space before coma ::- D. It looks unprofessional and, at least in my case, it jumps straight in my eye. Almost tore my eye out ::- D.



PS: I noticed that the graphical engine of the game renders pretty much all punctuation signs with a bit of space before them. But as you can see in the above screenshot, the space before the first comma is quite large.
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The new create character descriptions also seem to have apostrophe problems. ;|

edit: oh and tark's speech also mentions a rhoa running aroud
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Kyliathy wrote:
Disclaimer: yes, I'm a grammar nazi.

I've fixed the extra space and also "aroud".

Sorting out the apostrophes was surprisingly annoying, but will be done soon.
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I have decided this is my favourite thread on the entire forum.

Now, let's hope there's a typo or two left for me to claim!

Let the meta-gaming begin...
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found one on the webpage, Shock Nova's description:

Harnessing the power of raw thunder, the caster opens a rift around them that draws a ring of crackling lightning arounf their body. The deadly voltage will harm anything it touches, but the gap near the caster in the centre of the ring is unafected, so the skill is best used when surrounded by many distant foes.
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Fixed "arounf", also "unafected" from the same paragraph.
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