The Beta for The Fall of Oriath starts in two days and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on. In the meantime, we wanted to answer some more frequently asked questions that we see from the community.

What's the timing like on the day?

At 9am NZ time (2pm Pacific Time), the following things happen:
  • We deploy the 2.6.2 patch, which introduces a 3.0.0 Beta realm in parallel to the 2.6.2 Production realm, and enables the new supporter packs. After purchasing a supporter pack you'll receive an email and/or PM on the website that contains your Beta key. You can redeem your key here. You'll be able to download the Beta client here. If you're a steam user a "Betas" tab will appear in the game properties in Steam. You'll be able to download the Beta client through this menu but you won't be able to play unless your account has been granted access (through a Beta Key or other means).
  • We award all previous large supporters ($500 lifetime spend or a top-tier pack) with immediate Beta access.
  • We award all random winners of Beta keys from race events with their access (or keys if they already have access).
  • We start giving out keys randomly each day in waves.
  • The press embargo for journalists and content creators lifts, meaning you'll get to see some guides and people's first impressions.
  • We release a new Act Five trailer.

It's going to be a big day!

When are race prizes getting awarded?

We aim to reward the Beta keys and microtransactions for specific events every week day (NZT). Note that Beta Keys will not be awarded until the day of the Beta launch. For the one-week and two-week events the microtransaction prizes will be awarded on the Monday that follows the end of each event. The Demigod's and Classic Mystery Boxes will also be awarded on the Mondays after each block of events has been completed.

Can I use my microtransactions on the Beta realm?

Absolutely. The new microtransaction system allows this. Note that the shop is disabled on the Beta realm, so if you want to buy new microtransactions, you need to jump across to the regular client to do it, but then you can equip those microtransactions on the Beta realm.

Tell me about the new Supporter Packs.

We want to keep them a secret until release, but these are my favourite ones yet. We have juiced up the value of the higher packs by introducing an additional pack earlier in the progression, so the top packs have masses of value and variety (six weapon effects, for example). Every single one of the new armour sets exceeds the quality of any that we have released in the past.

Is the hardcover art book included in the top-tier pack?

Yes. It's 150 pages long and looks amazing. Note that it's currently being printed, which takes a little while, so we plan to start shipping these in a few months. We're trying very hard to accelerate the process and if we can pay a bunch of extra money to ship them quickly then we'll do that. We want them in your (and our) hands as soon as possible.

Are the Beta Forums private this time?


Is the Pantheon System included in the Beta?

Yes. We are also currently working on the mechanic where you can capture the souls of map bosses, and expect to have that ready very early in Beta.

Is the Beta under NDA? Can I talk about my play experiences and stream it?

There's no NDA for the Beta. You're welcome to show the content to whoever you like, but please bear in mind that this is Beta content that we're still working on.

What Acts are included in the Beta? You previously said it goes up to Act Eight?

We have Acts One through Seven entirely ready to go, and Act Eight almost ready. We expect to add it within two weeks of the Beta starting. It's almost done, but it's not quite ready for feedback yet.

As initially planned, Acts Nine and Ten will be available at the full release of 3.0.0 in mid-July.

Is the Mapping System included in the Beta?

Yes, at the end of whatever content the Beta goes to. There's currently a level gap between the top of the Act Seven content and the first tier of Maps. This may be a little difficult for brand new players, but you guys can handle it ;-)

Will the trade API be up during Beta?

Yes, we're working to get it up. It may take a few days after the Beta starts. Then community trade tools and sites can consume that API if they want to display items for trade in the Beta.

Will there be Beta Realm wipes during the Beta?

Yes, including at the end of the Beta. Note that these wipes only affect the Beta realm and its characters. We'll try to give a heads up regarding when we plan to wipe the Beta realm and what kind of feedback we're looking for after that particular wipe. For example, when we unlock Act Eight, we may wipe the Beta realm so that people's progression through that Act isn't distorted by previous play.

Will there be Patch Notes for the Beta?

This is a really popular question, and is probably the most disappointing answer for many people. No, the 3.0.0 patch notes are not ready for the start of the Beta. Content preparation comes first, so we'll be assembling the patch notes during the Beta, in time for its release. It takes several weeks to put together patch notes for a release this large. We aren't trying to hide information, so we'll try to answer questions about changes as the community have them. We are likely to have a "scope document" ready for the start of Beta that explains roughly what is and isn't included, but not itemised detail of actual changes. Likewise, we'll also roughly summarise what changes from version to version. The final changes will be reflected in the final patch notes document.

This is an opportunity to play the game without expectations and to give us feedback based on what you have experienced rather than what you read.
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Could you please show us a fixed, non-crashing multithreading feature instead?
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