Race Event 91: 2 Week Mayhem HC

Completed 10 ChallengesMarrkix wrote:
This event starts 24.06 and ends 08.07, 2 days before the end of extended legacy league. I guess 3.0 expansion will be released few days later, and beta will end before that. What use will have 200 beta keys from this event then? Assuming they will be given after the event, there will be only few days left to participate in beta.

The expansion won't be released "a few days later" after the end of Legacy league it's looking like early August at the earliest.
Void League FTL
Is there a trade forum for the 2W races? I can't seem to find it.
morvekkil wrote:
Is there a trade forum for the 2W races? I can't seem to find it.

For the 1week Legacy race it was the legacy tabs, but because this isn't legacy it might be different
The different mayhem mods change hourly, yet I've gotten 2 in a row of strongboxes on Twilight Strand? Are they randomized, or do they go in a specific order?
Hey i was wondering how can i check my place in the race event?

Thanks in advance.
This gets voided but Darkshrine is balanced K LOL
D:, died to spider in Tora mission. Lag and instakill by boss with 10 tormented spirit boost. Due to lag couldn't see anything. Kinda disappointed to die like this after investing in this event.
Can someone tell me when i get my Demi ):

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