New Microtransaction System, Super Stash Sale and Weekend Events!

EPIC update! Thanks for doing such a great job developing this game.
How does skill effects for skill gems work?
Ferrari420 wrote:
How does skill effects for skill gems work?

It's the green bar across the bottom of the cosmetics tab. You can see it in the video but he does not talk about it.

I love it.

Can we have saved themed sets? If not thats fine.

Can you guys also add a sort of changing booth-viewing tool to see what something would look like before we buy it on our characters with the gear we have equipped at the same time? I recently bought the branding head piece thinking it would look cool with my fiery tiki-mask but it didn't and I was sad I bought it.

That is great!

How if we could have Legacy mechanics in standard, then this game would be perfect!
Thank You looks AWESOME !!!!
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Having only been playing for around 2-3 months, I was surprised that a game with so many awesome features had such a primitive and messy micro transactions system.

With the coming update this is exactly how it should have been. It is actually better than I pictured!

Well done and thumbs up for GGG!
Love the changes, that being said can you fix the game?
Freezing every few seconds is not fun, especially when I have a 2000€ setup.
This is the ONLY game thats freezing for me.
Constant 70FPS even between 1000 mobs.
So pls. PLS. Do something about it.
" Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "

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