New 3D Art for Supporter Uniques - Work in Progress Preview

Cameria maul and rive ? those two i'am using now ? GJ GGG!! awesome !
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woo! I was hyping for new 3D art! Nothing that I use though... :(

When will we be seeing 3D art for stuff like Voltaxic Rift and The Surrender?
Love it! Great job GGG!
ebeninami wrote:
My Computer and ISP are Fine in any other Game, this is the ONLY Game that has this Issue.

Prove it. Post in the Technical Support forum with a WinMTR trace route (copy and paste the results there, guide here) and DXDiag report (use a service such as pastebin to copy and paste your info there, guide here).

Saying your computer and connection are fine in other games is like saying a fork cuts a banana just fine, but can't cut an apple, so it must be the fork's problem.

ebeninami wrote:
Also this Issue is a known BUG and not only MY PROBLEM.

Wrong. A hundred people complaining about a server connection does not means it's the server's issue when thousands more connect without any problems.

Now, quit trying to derail an announcement thread and go complain in the Feedback or get help to resolve your issue in the Technical Support forum.
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Forgot the The Surrender Ezomyte Tower Shield a beautiful shield, but without his skin!
Requesting Cloak of Defiance 3d art. Thanks for all your hard work, folks over at GGG.
Ah ! Finally, Consuming Dark 3D Art ! Love it !
Thanks GGG
Mark of the doubting MTX lol
Any chance of making essentia sanguis look more like hand of wisdom and motion
Mmaking a essentia build in 3.0.
Dont want to MTX items with 3d art (HOWM + Thunderfist looks pretty cool)
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ED builds wont use consuming dark anymore, the poison double dipping nerf ruined its viability, but maybe someone will find a use for these 3D art improvements for something besides skin transfers
Life will be technically better Soon TM

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