The Fall of Oriath: Boss Concept Art

The great granddaddy crab has awoken to avenge his dearly departed son.
We'll also be showing you the new microtransaction system

:O hype

& the concept art looks sick.

I love the art for the High Templar. Although Wraeclast is a desolate place filled with terrors, Oriath has monuments that rival even the Vatican in it's over-zealous extravagance.
The Master of Million Faces looks proper fucked up, I love it :)
Please make some loading screens with closer look of monster/boss 3D models, or else we won't see anything from, them during fighting we can't zoom to look their faces:P
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast

Could you use smth like Lightbox to preview the images? That would be neat! :)
I'm hoping that legacy league will mostly not make the cut, its just too much to have to engage with and it saturates the game too much. I also don't like the idea of being able to get past league items unless its really difficult since with div cards we cant go back to a time without being able to get them. I'd rather see a small number of new areas or even existing areas where the content that didn't make it like talisman or breach can be encountered rather then have a system where it can be anywhere or nowhere but you have to keep paying for it/managing it.
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