The Fall of Oriath: Boss Concept Art

Nazi bosses everywhere.
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Ty for scam <3
pretty much multi-phase bosses.
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posting a Development Manifesto about what will happen to the Legacy League mechanics when it ends!

Oh boy. Having came back to the game three months ago, I fell in love with Legacy and it showed me everything I missed since I quit back in early 2014. Hands down the best league ever. Looking forward to what GGG has in store that day :D

If done right and a smooth integration with 3.0, I might be playing (and splurging money for that sexy MTX) for years to come.
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So many awesome bosses in 3.0, I really hope you can fit them into the atlas somewhere.
i find it not fair from u
chris head is in this totem too
u should have asked him before

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Does presentation of new microtransactions system will also present new Supporter Packs? My wallet is ready.

I hope Legacy League will become standard of some sorts. I find game without league mechanics being extremally unrewarding loot-wise. There's just not enough currency dropping in the core game. Same goes for standard with merged leagues that got significantly reduced occurence rate that are also limited by the fact that there can only be few things on the map active at a time.
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Amazing art! Love the crab and totem
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looks amazing, great work!

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Poor Nessa. That hairstyle and the thing tied on her left arm is hers. She isn't even a pawn it looks like, since she's got blood running from her eyes. She became a mermaid and died, RIP. :(

Edit: I just hope it doesn't have to end that way.

Edit: Rewatched The Brine King fight, and she is a marionette. Don't know if that is better or even worse.
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