Damage Over Time Changes - More Information Part 2

Hyskoa wrote:
This entire text reads like "We're breaking your favourite toys and giving you something bland and mediocre in return".

What we need is some competition in the arpg market so ggg can't keep making these bad decisions and get away with it. malice discharge is utter poop now to play. Showing how little ggg knows about balance.

Bad decisions? I get that there are people who want POE to be Candy crush but this game was never made for you, in it's kickstarter it explicitly says "hard core ARPG"

if you need to melt Shaper in 0.06 seconds then this game wasn't made for you, you are playing the wrong game and selfishly embracing unintended brokenly OP mechanics to misappropriate a game that was made for a different audience.

The "clear speed meta" is not responsible for how popular this game has become, the game has built and built on years of positive word of mouth and superior depth. If anything the Clear speed casuals who want to trivialize all content will WORSEN the popularity of POE and maybe even harm the game like "Gaming locusts" have done in so many MMO's.
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
I posted this a few weeks back, but it's still relevant now;

my take on the before and after of dot damage for 3.0:

Lantis02 wrote:
This is legitimately like the 5th post about damage over time. There is something inherently wrong if it takes this much explaining and justification.


They need to do one more post about it, but with graphics. Show us some of those flow charts like were posted above. Show a real example of a "before" and "after" scenario that real builds use. Show a screengrab of a passive tree node that has mods to both the hit and DoT. Show some hit-only nodes for comparison. Show some DoT-only nodes. Hell, if you have any finished examples, show some changes on the itemization.

Basically I think I, and others, want to see that double-dipping meta is truly dead, but that viable alternatives, such as builds that only scale hits, builds that focus mostly on DoTs, and builds that split between the two seem to be in some sort of even state. I mean, the whole point of this endeavor is balance, right? Let's see pictures/video of evidence!

I guess players will provide this for us anyway with beta, but seeing this stuff in action rather than a bunch of textwalls that confuse by adding in new dribbles of information (like hybrid hit/DoT nodes existing on the tree) aren't super helpful.
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Mark_GGG wrote:
top2000 wrote:
I hope there is a graphic explaination of how damages are dealt in 3.0

Your image seems pretty accurate.
Here are two parts of a thing I did internally while we were working out what changes needed to happen:
Old System

New System

this actually answers all the questions i had, thank you
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Will the damage calculator for Blink/Mirror Arrow get fixed? The base skill does not show accurate values, neither do Traps or Totems that use those skills.
U didnt answer the last question tho XD.
sounds like meh.. will do the new content and quit again getting bored on the game for some reason.
I never understood what people meant by dot damage "Double dipping" - it's not double dipping. Bleed/Burn/Poison for an amount based off the initial hit.

If you hit for more, they bleed for more.

johndrake666 wrote:
sounds like meh.. will do the new content and quit again getting bored on the game for some reason.

Yeah, I don't like to farm for 2999 hours for 2 exalted orbs to buy a minor piece of gear to increase the rate at which I acquire 2 more exalted orbs.

I'm all about a grind and gear treadmill, it just gets to a point where things are so vastly out of reach it's pointless.
~ Seph
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Yeah, but then other things scale it more. If you hit someone with fire damage and they ignite, the amount of the ignite scales off the initial hit, increased by, say, increased fire damage. But then the ignite is fire damage as well, so is increased by the same increased fire damage modifier a second time.

It gets even zanier when DoT effects inherit tags of the skills that caused them. So if I poison a bunch of enemies with an AoE skill like Earthquake, the poison scales off the Earthquake hit. Since Earthquake is an area skill, the damage can be increased with increased area damage. Makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that the poison that's now on the enemies inherited that "area" tag from the Earthquake gem, so now the poison *also* scales with your increased area damage. So often it's more than double-dipping, as people scale their DoTs with multiple things that double-dip, like increased chaos damage, area damage, etc.

It also counts for damage conversion builds, which is why things that convert damage are often getting nerfed (like Pyre). If you used the old 100% cold-to-fire Pyre ring and had something that gave you increased elemental damage, it would work twice: scaling the original cold damage of the skill, then scaling the fire damage after the conversion took place.

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