All Skill Effects On Sale - Get A Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points - This Weekend Only!

Dear GGG, can you please Remove specific skill restriction on Aura Mtx

If somebody wants to make a Gore looking character and the meta is ES, having a Blue ring around the character breaks the theme even more if Discipline mtx is used... Carnage Vitality effect would be one that person would slam on all his/her auras

Im pretty sure this would increase even more your sales since some people would buy multiple unit of the same aura mtx to apply on all of their auras
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
bought water nova for 5 points,got seraph wings ty ty
Hmm, the Atlas of worlds packs will go off sale after May 30. And we do know that the new packs will appear only after the old ones go off sale.

I thought that the new packs will include beta keys. If this is the case, I wonder when will beta begin?

I might not join in beta, just curious.
Received mine, not bad I guess for free :D
Bought Ethereal Stars

Got free Purple Acid Scorpion Pet

Decided to tempt fate and bought an extra classic box
Got Arcane Seraph Wings

Too scared to buy more because it's all down hill from here. There's basically no chance I will get as much value out of future boxes as I have already. Also I really don't like the fact that they put fireworks back in the box because consumables are terrible value (in my opinion worse than dupes).
Damn, I just bought Righteous Fire effect at full price a few days ago! I figured it would never go on sale, WRONG!
Oh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of the path...
Got my cat ! xD
Thank's guys, keep going !
...when the Legacy Leagues end on Tuesday 30th May (NZT) and the Atlas of Worlds supporter packs will end approximately one week later

OMG this means Beta in June... -__-
Bought 2 boxes, 1 red crystal deco and 1 green crystal deco and free purple town portal mtx lol so typical no luck here ever.

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