All Skill Effects On Sale - Get A Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points - This Weekend Only!

I don't often buy MTX, but if you're playing Ethereal Knives, I strongly recommend the thowing stars MTX for that. 100% MORE appearance of power, 100% MORE fun. Definitely Play-to-(feel-like-you)-Win.

Good job GGG.
You can try to make me spend my beta money all you want, not gonna happen. :P
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Got them all, gonna wait for the new packs :)
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Ty for scam <3
Great! Will be getting some this weekend. Would love to see such a sale weekend for pets too.
corrozu wrote:
In the past when I bought points you guys were kind of enough to offer a few months later a chance to upgrade to a bear supporter pack subtracting the cost of the points I bought before. Do you think this will happen again if I buy more points this weekend and have that cost subtracted for the next supporter pack in 3.0?

This normally only applies to packs currently offered, so points bought now could be applied to Legacy or Atlas packs, but not Oriath packs.
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Nice, with the increasing amount of "stuff" being slowly added to the game, this is definitely the right way to do a sale. Still lots of skills without good (or any) effects though. Now what you need to do is release those beta/full-on FoO packs so I can justify spending money for points again.
Let's make a league about what players hate most: Opening doors, but even more slowly, backtracking through areas, clicking things that aren't in stacks excessively, escorting NPCs, losing everything on death, bugs, and crashes.
I buy blue cyclone MTX (ty GGG for 3.0 fix) and I got SPECTRAL TOAD pet from free myster box - Im lucky?
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Not really interested in the MTX sale, but VERY happy for an official end date announced for Legacy (even though we knew the rough time frame). Thanks! :-)

...the Legacy Leagues end on Tuesday 30th May (NZT)
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Meh, woulda been nice to do this after supporter packs go on sale. W/e GGG I see you.

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