Damage Over Time Changes - Part 1

Dont stop at DOT changes, theres a lot more broken mechanic that should be fixed, and dont forget buff Life builds.
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Not a good change as it is a double nerf for poison and bleed. Also ingite to some extent, but at least elemental and fire damage will still scale both the hit and the ignite.

Essentially it is a double nerf. Say you have increased:

Physical damage 100%

Attack damage 100%

Aoe damage 100%

Projectile damage 100%

More area damage 50%

Old system

A 100 dam phys hit would do:

100*(5.0) *(1.5)= 750 hit damage. Poison would do 750* 0.08= 60 base *(4.0) *(1.5)= 360 double dipped poison damage

60 poison damage would be a fine change

New system

Damage =750. Poison = 100*0.08 *1.00 =8 X2 for new mechanic =16.0 *note that none of the damage above, even attack damage scales poison anymore on top of not double dipping anymore

After the X2 multiplier to 'compensate' for double dipping, the poison does only 16 damage. Under the old system if poison simply weren't scaled again it would do 60 (double dipped it does 360).

You can see here that the poison damage is less not just because it doesn't double dip anymore, but because it also is scaled much less. Naturally the poison damage in the first case will increase far more than the new case with several hundred% added damage applying to the attack. None of it will apply to the poison in the new system. On top of that, critical hits don't scale poison or bleed at all anymore where they didn't double dip before (if I am correct). This is an unneeded nerf as well.
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Will you change the nerfed percent chaos conversion values on unique items back to their original values since the main reason behind this nerf was poison double dipping?
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Does this basically mean is doesn't matter if you are a slow caster with heavy fire dmg,
or low dmg turbo caster, your ignite dmg burns the same total dps on both builds, because of the average dps you inflict on ignited targets?
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Elemenz wrote:
Does this basically mean is doesn't matter if you are a slow caster with heavy fire dmg,
or low dmg turbo caster, your ignite dmg burns the same total dps on both builds, because of the average dps you inflict on ignited targets?

Yes and no. Your base damage is what matters, and you still can only have 1 ignite on an enemy. Using Martyr of Innocence will scale both the skill and the ignite.

You can use spell echo which reduces damage, and that won't affect your ignites.

You will do better ignites using a spell with her base damage.
This DOT change makes fire trap better at pure burning damage, as now you just care about adding initial damage to it, then going for all the burning you can get.
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give new sources of chances to cause Bleeding

Wait, wait, wait. Will we FINALLY be getting Bleed on Bladefall, Ethereal Knives, and Blade Vortex? Spell bleed? Please, oh please. A Gore Blade Vortex, Bladefall, and EK with the release of 3.0 after making them be able to bleed would be the fricken best.
Bring back Poison/Bleed builds! Stop nerfing it!!!
So let me get this straight if we look at the Fireball example from wiki


1. Fireball dmg got doubled by 100% increased Elemental = 1478
2. Now the Ignite dmg wont start with 1438 base, instead it will start with 739(right?)
3. The Ignite dmg however will still be increased by 100% Elemental dmg but it wont be 295,6
it will be 147,8 times 2 which is 295,6

So the dot dmg get cut in half unless u use items/passives or gems that target ailemnts

Number 2 is where ppl get confused (like me) who think that double dipping is just 1 mod effects 2 dmg sources cuz if that is ur definition then ''double dipping'' is still in the game

Unless im wrong and didnt get any of this right ofc
flameblast rip.
Please make flameblast great again on 3.0.0 :_:

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