Improvements to Cyclone

I'm a bit triggered about this (don't get me wrong, I love PoE a lot!)

Cyclone has been a popular skill gem since its introduction in early 2013

So it is acknowledged that it is a very popular skill but the fix came 4 years later. Why? I could start thinking that other skills might be considered for a rework/fix after a lot of time despite of how good/popular they are.
I approve of this on general principles, and hope that other movement skills get similar attention as necessary. And, since they're shown in the initial portion of the video, I would again request that crossbows be considered as a new weapon type (perhaps doing more damage per shot at longer ranges, but with a slower fire rate than a bow in the same tier). Further, the Oriath uniform seen here needs to be available as an MTX. Why? Well, among other things, because of Rule of Cool.
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Boem wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:

Glad you like it! :)

I faintly remember this incident with a signature, but i can't recall if it was yours.
Where it had to be removed for some anal reason.

So i hope you dig this one. It certainly screams community manager full force.

Keep it up and happy to hear you reduced your stress levels for 3.0 to come, people vastly underestimate the importance of this from what i hear in my surroundings when it comes to work.

Have a good one \o



She had the animated avatar. It was beautiful, but some of the forum lurkers poo-pooed it. :(

Glad to see the new banner in place *thumb-up*
Expected this to have something to do with the aoe problem but this is cool too
you know what skill improvement people have been asking for a long time? ELEMENTAL HIT.
The music plus QoL to cyclone brings yet another tear to my eye.


Now give it back some AoE so it doesn't suck.
Thank Kuduku! I might actually play cyclone melee again.
30% less Movement Speed = slothclone
not to mention the way the skill works with temp chains, chill ground, tarred ground.

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