Improvements to Cyclone

I guess cyclone wasnt popular enough lol.

Please take a look at whirling blades as well. I tends to got stuck on small clutter on the ground similarly to cyclone.
Can you also fix the Ice Crash/Ground Slam/Eq issue where your character moves, swings his weapon at the ground and the attack doesn't go off?

Usually if an enemy moves, is dead after click or if there is a small rock in the way and stuff. Died countless times to that.

Oh, and the gigantic lag spikes caused by enemies doing goofy crap like summoning 30 enemies at once, exile trash mtx spikes and the rest.
Last edited by CorranHorn on Apr 28, 2017, 7:49:45 PM
day late dollar short grinding gay guys
give cyclone the damage who cares about obstacles
What about some extra work for the dual wielding passives skills?
MullaXul wrote:
I've been literally watching tv + holding down cyclone for years now, clearing content. Issues with terrain have never been an issue if you didn't suck with the skill...but welcome changes none the less I suppose.

thank heavens you are not in charge then.
Oh hi
Cyclone back on top babay!
this change is so good

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