Improvements to Cyclone

Any plans to do something similar with whirling blades? Skill not activating because I'm "hooked" on an obstacle has caused many deaths and headaches.
My only complaint is the fact that cyclone was bound to the middle mouse button.

Who does that?
In Wraeclast, if someone tries to kill you... you just kill them right back.
You can remap skills to different buttons. You can even change which buttons are used for skills.

I use a Nostromo pad, so i had to redo all that stuff. It even saves different preferences for my laptop.
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Would it be possible to have Lightning Strike's projectiles behave in a similar fashion? Or too OP?
I came. I saw. I came again.

This is how it should've been from the start. Thanks so much for the change.
nice, now fix flicker strike desync nightmare! thx!
GoldenJoker wrote:
imLuCaSsS wrote:
hellzer wrote:
It's still bad skill. no clear speed

lmao rly? cyclone have one of the best clean speed of the game, you are doing it wrong.

What exactly are you comparing it with ? Any statistical data to actually prove this ?

Well I made a cyclone slayer character last league and I made lvl 93 on HC in 4 days.
Pretty smooth, fun and fast to me.
LOL rly? I don't need to prove nothing to you rofl
if you think cyclone is bad just dont use it ^
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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that's nice but can u do the same for Shield Charge and Lightning Strike as well??
Thanks for Cyclone GGG!
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