New Concept Art

WiseGuard wrote:

Well dancing looks nice, would be cool to check out how they fare against a knight.

Against a knight need a kaom axe :)
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Hi GGG, please do something like that, would be nice!

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I do really need to hijack this (boring) announcement to ask when we will get more informations about 3.0 beta. Thats the only news I would like to read.

Give us a supporter pack I can spent my bucks on to be able to take part of 3.0 beta asap, please. Or an announcement that probably you will announce something like that after the next three or more and more artworks...
can we get some LEGIT expansion wallpapers later? ty :)
Innocence's head and neck is either 3 sizes too tall or his body is unnaturally tiny.
Looks really.. weird. How many hours did they have to bust this out?
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Sexcalibure wrote:
You see that sword in innocence hand

You hear this spoiler first here!

It's a dominating blow sword

Something in the lines of

"1% chance to dominate per 1% of equivalent of monster's life taken as overkill damage"

ie: kill a monster with 1000 hp, do 300 overkill damage, you have 30% chance to dominate it

Note: GGG will finally rework Dom blow to the genius Prime monsters idea I had. But this sword's dominating blow mechanic will use the old Dom blow,without "less damage"

Nothing here
Love it!

First one is so stylish that it could be a hood ornament, lol.
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Karamzin wrote:
It's sad Lunaris' weapons are so unrealistic. Art is awesome, though.

Unrealistic? Maybe, but did you forget what world you are talking about here? A world in which possessing a specific stone allows you hit the ground and cause an earth quake, or hit an enemy and make them explode on death, or shoot out lightning, fire, and/or ice from your fingers/weapon/totem/ass. Okay maybe not ass, yet...

And I don't keep up with the lore much, but is Lunaris not a god? Perhaps she has a little more skill and grace than a typical fighter.

Anyway, I love the art, and agree we need official wallpapers!
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