New Concept Art

Go ahead, make my day
Nooo I want more!
lunaris using warglaives?
also can we get a wallpaper of lunaris and solaris fighting?
no queen rules forever, my daughter
You see that sword in innocence hand

You hear this spoiler first here!

It's a dominating blow sword

Something in the lines of

"1% chance to dominate per 1% of equivalent of monster's life taken as overkill damage"

ie: kill a monster with 1000 hp, do 300 overkill damage, you have 30% chance to dominate it

Note: GGG will finally rework Dom blow to the genius Prime monsters idea I had. But this sword's dominating blow mechanic will use the old Dom blow,without "less damage"

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Is that a diviner's strong box in the bg?
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kitava is dank
guys when is beta?

i'm so confused, is Solaris a shemale ?
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Yellow lantern! :)

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