Not supported anymore

Pure Righteous Fire is still viable, but due several changes (Ascendant, RotP aso.)I would recommend it for new leagues only as a quick and lazy map cleaner. Endgame content might be really difficult if you are not well enough geared / you don´t have enough experience.

The Guide is not updated for 3.2 but you will still find all needed informations.

                   Main skill Righteous Fire

         General info:

          Waypoint Eternal Laboratory to visualize the actual Radius (2.6)
     Everything inside will get hit by Damage over Time, Max DPS ~750k avg ~ 250k.


This is the first PoE Guide I ever made, normally I am a loner and don´t really care about others.
That´s why sometimes my answers might look a bit harsh/cocky/unfriendly whatever, please just see it as straight to the Point.

I do run RF builds since 2013 and did run almost every meaningful Version. ES/LL Shadow, Witch & Templar, Life Marauder (Chief/Jugg) and my Scion baby. (no Totems, because I do not like the playstyle).

I like to call that Build "Fast, Lazy & Secure"
Fast = because of the huge AoE area you almost never miss anything, so there is no backtracking.
Lazy = you just have 1 Skill, no button smashing, no hectic, just a fluent Playstyle.
Secure = High Lifepool, high Life Regeneration, nice amount of Armour, 3 defence setup.

I wrote literally everything down, so a newer Player can do as well as a experienced one.
Tried to make the Guide as easy to understand and convenient as possible (colors, links, structure).
Will update everything regularly, all important changes can be found at the changelogs, section 22.

Righteous Fire as Leaguestarter / solo self found / first build ever:

League starter:
With 3.0 Righteous Fire will be easier to sustain than ever before, but in order to use it decently working without any early game Unique Items you have to reach Level 65 for the Rise of the Phoenix Shield + a decent level at Vitality and Purity of Fire.
The way to get there is not the fastest and also the RotP Shield does always take 1-2 weeks to reach a "normal" price level, because of that I would recommend to play something else as league starter and make later your Scion.
With a hand full of Unique Items each worth around 1 Chaos, you can actually start to use RF already at Level 24 (Guide at leveling section) and might have some serious fun leveling.

Solo self found:
is ment to be a challenge and it is it for RF too, especially if you see Rise of the Phoenix as a kinda must have item. It is possible without it, but might end up in being painful instead of fun.

New to Path of Exile? First build ever?:
You did already something really good, you are actually looking around and seemingly wanna play something premade and not do your own thing, which for sure in more than 90% of all cases did go wrong and plenty of people learned that the hard way.

Thinking about to play this or in general a Righteous Fire(RF) build as your first one ever?
RF is special by itself due it being a degeneration Skill.
All the RF footage made by players knowing it already in and out does make it look quite easy.
If you actually take your time and try to understand the mechanics behind it and make it work, then it can be exactly that.
But you have to know that Path of Exile is now over 5 years old and has plenty of different Mechanics which you also should learn/understand inbefore using certain skills, otherwise it might be a painful learning curve (Bleeding Damage, Caustic Clouds/Poison Damage and so on)
If you can set your mind towards that you will die sometimes just to learn certain game mechanics then you are good to go. If something like that does bother you I would recommend to start with a Necromancer or SRS build as your first one. Both are not gear depending (Cheap), do have followers and will give you time to read and understand mechanics (Rares, Bosses and so on) and after you feel comfortable you can go for everything else.



1. Gear from legacy league:
Dual Curse setup

Tripple Curse, Endgame

Jewels and Flasks are the same as above.

Alternative Gear sorted by 3.0 value can be found at section 10.
Low Budget Version at section 11.

2. Gem Setups
Different Gem Setups
The Chest is always the same

6 Link setup:
Righteous Fire - Increased Area of Effect - Elemental Focus - Item Rarity- Increased Burning Damage - Empower 4
Empower can be replaced with Concentrated Effect, or if standard league Item Quantity.

5 Link setup is:
Righteous Fire - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Increased Area of Effect - Item Rarity
swap Item Rarity with Concentrated Effect for Boss fights.

4 Link Setup is:
Righteous Fire - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Increased Area of Effect
Swap Increased Area of Effect with Concentrated Effect for Boss fights.
You can run that setup in Essence crafted Gloves (Essence of Delirium = 30% More Damage over Time) or Helmet (Essence of Horror = 30% More Elemental Damage) and use a Kaom's Heart instead of the Splendour, drop the CwdT + Tempest Shield setup in order to do so.
I would personally not recommend that, because Kaom's does "only" provide 1.2-1.4k more Life and that is simply not worth it, but I know some people love their Kaom's and there you go.

Level 65 start setup

1. CWDT 14 - Immortal Call 16 - Molten Shell 18 - Summon Stone Golem 16
2. CWDT 1 - Tempest Shield 7 - Blind - Knockback
3. Cyclone - Fortify - Increased Critical Strikes - Culling Strike or Faster Attacks
4. Purity of Fire (23) - Vitality - Empower 3+
5. Flammability - Lightning Warp - Portal
Use the Witchfire Brew to curse Enemies, cast Flammability if you have no Witchfire Brew Charges left (Boss fights etc.)

Cheap Dual Curse setup

1. CWDT 14 - Immortal Call 16 - Molten Shell 18 - Summon Stone Golem 16
2. CWDT 1 - Tempest Shield 7 - Blind - Knockback
3. Cyclone - Fortify - Increased Critical Strikes - Culling Strike or Faster Attacks
4. Purity of Fire (23) - Empower 3+ - Portal
5. Blasphemy - Flammability - Lightning Warp
The main difference is droping Vitality and having Flammability as Aura permanent active.
It does cost a bit of Life Regeneration, but is a big Damage Boost.
Make sure that you have Whispers of Doom at the passivtree enabled.
The second Curse is Level 21 Vulnerability with the Witchfire Brew.

Best Allround Setup - Dual Curse + Vitality

1. Blasphemy - Flammability - Vitality - Enlighten 4
2. CWDT 14 - Immortal Call 16 - Molten Shell 18 - Summon Stone Golem 16
3. Cyclone - Fortify - Increased Critical Strikes - Culling Strike or Faster Attacks
4. CWDT 1 - Tempest Shield 7 - Blind
5. Lightning Warp - Portal - Vaal Summon Skeletons or Vaal Grace
6. Purity of Fire 21 in a Unset Ring with +2 to Level of Socketed Gems or Lev 20 PoF and +3 to Gem Level at Unset Ring
This setup does enable running Dual Curse + Vitality, but can be quite expensive due the Level 4 Enlighten and the need of a decent Unset Ring.
In total it is the best Defence/Offence Gem setup.

Most Damage Setup - Tripplecurse up to 750k dmg
1. Blasphemy - Flammability - Elemental Weakness - Enlighten 4
2. CWDT 14 - Immortal Call 16 - Molten Shell 18 - Summon Stone Golem 16
3. Cyclone - Fortify - Increased Critical Strikes - Culling Strike or Faster Attacks
4. CWDT 1 - Tempest Shield 7 - Blind
5. Lightning Warp - Portal - Vaal Summon Skeletons or Vaal Grace
6. Purity of Fire 21 in a Unset Ring with +2 to Level of Socketed Gems or Lev 20 PoF and +3 to Gem Level at Unset Ring
You might have realized already that it is the same setup as above, only Vitality has been replaced with Elemental Weakness, but there is one Core Item missing
you need a decent Amu with + 1 to Curse. It can obviously also be a normal Rare amu, you just need to have the implicit. Enemies can have # additional Curse <- PoETrade search mod - or try to caft it yorself with a Vaal Gem, but read before what else can happen with a vaal Vaal crafting - klick
also here is a PoB Pastebin of my standard Char with equipped Tripple Curse Setup 717k DoT DPS

--None of your Dexterity Gems is required to be max level. If you can not get extra Dexterity at Gear/Jewels you can have them at lower levels without any problems.
--If you can not afford a level 4 Enlighten, simply enable the Sovereignty Cluster at the Passivtree. You will get 12% reduced mana with that and everything is fine then. Full Tree with Sovereignty enabled: Klick
At the freed up Enlighten Slot you can use the other Vaal gem. Use the chromatic calculator to find the cheapest way to craft BBBR / BBGR at your gear Klick
--With the Rumi's Flask + RotP Shield + Tempest Shield we have almost 50% Block Chance + a Red Nightmafre Jewel 70%.
Make sure to use the Rumi's at stronger opponents like Bosses, for every blocked Attack Tempest shield has a Chance to apply Blind / Knockback the enemy.
--If Cyclone does not suit your playstyle simply replace it with Shield Charge.
--Purity of Fire should have a total Level of 23, you can reach that by a Lev 21 PoF + Lev 3 Empower, a Lev 20 PoF and a Lev 4 Empower or with a Unset Ring as described above. The reason is to get 1 more max Fire Resistance = 0,9% less Life regeneration needed.
--Gems without Level are supposed to be Level 20 or 21 if it does make sense.
--Empower 4 is there to increase the base RF Radius from 5 to 6, RF has to be 21 for that to work. This is pure luxus and should be one of the last things done.
--Quality is useless at: Righteous Fire, Vitality, Purity of Fire, "Tempest Shield" & "CWDT".
Thx to PhoenixFlame

3. Flasks:
Multiple setups are possible, my favorite is: (non Legacy Rumis and nerfed Witch are still ok)

A beginner setup would be:

Map farming Setup:

(when you have decent gear nothing can/does really hurt you at mid level maps, so it is useful to go for more damage and movementspeed (perma 120%))

Flasks can be really powerfull in certain scenarios and every single one here mentioned can/does have multiple ways to use them effective.

Life Flask:
Has to have "remove burning on use" it is our "powerout" button to deactivating RF.
Deactivating RF does mean that you will regenerate your Life way faster, because you stop damaging yourself. So it is useful for negative Life Regeneration mods (-max Resistances, -40/60% Life Regeneration, Vulnerability) at Maps or to quickly regenerate back to full Life after receiving a single big hit.

Rumi's Concoction:
The main usage of it is to be able to facetank melee Bosses. Activating it does increase your Armour from ~10k towards ~18k Armour + it does provide additional Block Chance.
When you are at the early stage of char progression, you can perma use it for every pack.
Simply cast inbefore you are running in and when you leave it is full again.

Witchfire Brew:
The main usage is the level 21 Vulnerability Curse casted as Aura as long as the Flask is active.
Due that it is useful to have that Flask almost permanently active, or at least to activate it in front of bigger packs. Also you wanna have always at least one charge left when you approach Bosses.
Side effect additional Damage over Time.

Ruby Flask:
The Ruby Flask has due it´s +6 to max Fire Resistances multiple effects.
It does make you almost immune to Fire Damage. Every single % more max Fire Resistance does mean that you have to regenerate 0.9% less Life to sustain RF. That does mean that during the Flask is active you will have additional 5,4% of your max Life as Regeneration. That is also the reason why you want to activate it during every Boss fight. Side Effect +50% to Fire Resistance.
And really importat is to have the remove bleeding / immunity to bleeding roll on it, because it is the one Flask where we normally always have charges up.

Sulphur Flask:
Has been already optional prior the Ascendancy change from pathfinder to Inquisitor, since we do have Inquisitor the value of the Flask went up even more. The Flask itself does create Consecrated ground on use, when you stand inside it you will have additional 4% of Life Regeneration and due the Inquisitor Ascendany also 8% additional Elemental Damage mitigation.
Sometimes there are no or not enough trash mobs to get consecrated ground at bosses and with the Sulphur Flask you simply can cast it manually and also at the spot you wanna have it.
Side Effet added 40% increased Damage and possibility to Craft for instance Immunity to Freeze in order to open Strongboxes unhindered.

I personally love that Flask for the huge movement boost, but there are a few things you have to know / watch out for. As stated the Rotgut does consume Frenzy Charges on use and for every Frenzy charge consumed you do get Onslaught for 2 seconds. This has the positive Effect of having up to additional 90% movementspeed. But also the negative Effect of us using all Frenzy charges which does mean no additional Life Generation and no 12% more damage multiplicator. That is the reason why it is important to know how/when to use the Flask. Logically it would be right after killing a pack because you have the Frenzy Charges up, but that is not good, especially if you have negative map mods like mentioned above. You wanna use the Flask always right inbefore you are running into a pack, in 90% of the case you still have the Frenzy charges up from the prior pack and depending at the packsize you will gain them back within a second.
Also do not use it at Bosses, the only effect you have is losing your Frenzy charges if you have some up.

At some maps you should adapt your Flask setup for the Boss encounter.
For instance Lair Map Boss Lycius. In human form he has a huge and very strong AoE, you simply hide behind the next tree. As wolf he is extremly quick and does apply bleeding damage. Almost everyone does make the mistake and does try to run away from him, but you can simply swap your Flasks, use 1 Life Flask with remove burning, 3 Life Flasks with remove Bleeding and 1 Armor Flask and just facetank him.

I think that should make it a bit easier for people to play more effective, especially at Bosses.
At Bosses I personally always look that I have Flask charges up and always use the Sulphur + Rumi + Witchfire + Ruby right inbefor attacking. If there is a magic pack at the Boss, or he is spawning Trash frequently you can use them to refill your Flasks.

Never underestimate the effectivness and value of Flasks at PoE.

With the beginner setup you can craft additional Remove Poison. Remove Shock or Remove Curse.

4. Jewels:
Get Jewels with following stats (order is value):
1. Increased maximum Life! (always look to get 7%)
2. Increased Burning Damage (max 20%)
3. Increased Fire Damage (max 16%)
4. Increased Damage over Time (max 12%)
4. Increased Area Damage (max 12 %)
6. Increased Damage (max 10%)
7. Strength

If you can afford it, get "The Red Dream / The Red Nightmare" Jewel and place it here: >Picture<you can have a up to 41% chance to get a Endurance charge and up to +13% increased Block Chance by allocating Fire and All Elemental Resistances in its Radius

5. Passivtree:

SRS till 65:Klick Backup: Klick
RF with Level 24:Klick Backup:Klick
Level 35:Klick Backup:Klick
Level 50:Klick Backup:Klick
Level 65:Klick Backup:Klick
Level 81:Klick Backup:Klick
Level 90:Klick Backup:Klick
Full Tree Dual Curse with Sovereignty:Klick
Full Tree Dual Curse with Enlighten 4:Klick Backup:Klick
Red Dream/Nightmare Jewel Version:Klick Backup:Klick

I know there are different options to take at the Passivtree and especially since PoB some People do get the feeling they became omniscient over Night.
Please be aware that noone does hinder you to run your own/changed Version!
Some People might allocate Sovereignty, others might go over to the Shadow section.
Do what you want and like, but please do not post every little possible change at the Passivtree in here just because you found a different way with the same result, thank you.

6. Leveling:
Sustaining RF is working from Level 65 on when we can equip the Rise of The Phoenix shield and do have a lev ~ 17 Vitality and Purity of Fire Gem.

So we have to find a decent working way to reach that level 65 without having to much troubles.
I will recommend two versions, but obviously you can level up with literally everything you want.

The first is a SRS (Summon Raging Spirit) kinda leaguestarter/SSF/HC version. I would recommend that for the majority of people, because it does not need any specific gear, it is safe to play and still has a decent clear speed. (make sure to precast the Raging Spirits at Boss fights so that they attack all at once.)
At Level 65 you have to respec 14 points. If you fullfilled all missions from act 1-10 you will have ~18 respec points available to do so.

The second one is for people who are experienced / like to have a little challenge.
It is way more risky to play and does need a few cheap Unique items.
The advantage is a really fast leveling progress, nothing to respec and yeah OP feeling.
It is simply the method of using RF already from Level 24 on.
I leveled a char up to 24 and tried for a few hours around with different setups.
In the end the one which proofed as the best and most stable was really decent to play with.

Leveling with SRS till 64 (14 points to respec):

SRS(4) + Minion Damage(8)+ Melee Splash(8) - for bosses swap Melee Spash with Melee Physical Damage(18)
Raise Zombies(1) + Minion Damage(8) + Melee Physical Damage(18) + Maim(8)
Desecrate(16) + Flesh Offering(12) + Faster Casting(18)
Hatred(24) + Generosity(31)
Clarity(10/31 Siosa)
Flame Dash(10)
() after skill is Level requirement (check vendors)

Use SRS and Zombies, it's a bit slow at first but it does pick up from level 8 on.
Look that you have your Zombies up all the time and make use of the Life Flask with Minion healing.
If needed you can use Convocation, to reposition your minions out of danger.
Craft a +1 to Fire Gems Wand or Scepter, Scepter has the advantage of additional Elemental Damage.
Recipe: Magic (blue) Wand or Scepter + Ruby Ring + 1 Orb of Alteration
Also it is very helpful and time saving to craft a Minion Life Flask.
Recipe: Life Flask + Bone Spirit Shield + Alteration
And you can also craft a +1 to Minion Gems Helmet.
Recipe: Minion Flask + Magic (blue) Helmet + Alteration
Make sure to check vendors for needed Gems.

Helpful Uniques for SRS:
Lifesprig (Level 1 Weapon)
Reverberation Rod (Level 24 Weapon)
Midnight Bargain (Level 40 Weapon)
Clayshaper (Level 41 Weapon)
Sidhebreath (Level 1 Amu)
Violent Dead (Level 1, Quest Reward Act 5? Jewel)
Bones of Ullr (Level 22 Boots)
Matua Tupuna (Level 23 Shield)
The Baron (Level 26 Helmet)
Skullhead (Level 36 Helmet)
Make sure to choose the correct league, preset it is standard league due that itemcode never changing.

Switching to RF with Level 24:
Video Guide
The Video does provide the basic stuff you need to know to get it going.
I forgot to add the Elemental Focus Gem at the Video. It is further down though at the Gem part.

Here you will find a few more details, some additional stuff and the further steps till 65.

In that state with 75% max Fire Resistance we have to regenerate 25x0,9=22,5% Life.
It would be easier to work against the degeneration if we would not start to stack Life right away, because Life Flasks are obviously limited with recovery amount and speed.
Still I think it is worth to go for max Life right away, it simply is more forgivable like that.
You can even play it in a different way by just running through stuff and you only activate RF when many monsters are around you and they die instantly.
That said, look that you always get/use new/better Life Flask right when they are available.

With the Level 35 Passivtree we do activate Elemental Equilibrium already, it is just a to big damage increase to ignore it.
In order to use it correctly you need to have added x to x cold or lightning damage either on your gloves, ring or amu. Shield Charge will now apply the cold or lightning as damage source and EE will be triggered.

You can try to use Mind over Matter to make it a bit more relaxing.
As long as you are only at 75% max Fire Res you would need to regenerate 7,5% of your Maximum Life as Mana. Example: At the Video I had ~ 1.200 Life so it would have been 90 Mana/Sec.
As you can see it is quite a challenge to make it work, but if you can do so (use Clarity) it does make it more realxing and takes away a bit of the tension.

Main Setup
At Level 24 you wanna use Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Concentrated Effect.
At Level 31 you can add Burning damage to it.
At Level 38 you get Increased Area of Effect (Trash clear) which you can swap with Concentrated Effect (single Target/Bosses)

Meat Shield 1
Raise Zombie(1) + Minion Life(18) + Minion and Totem Elemental resistance(31) + Minion Speed(18) or Minion Damage(8)
At level 34 replace Minion Damage/Speed with Stone Golem

Meat Shield 2
Vaal Summon Skeletons(10) + Minion Life(18) +
Minion and Totem Elemental resistance(31) + Minion Speed(18) or Minion Damage(8)

Spirit Offering(12) + Faster Casting(18) + Increased Duration(31)

Shield Charge(10) + Faster Attacks(18) + Fortify(31)

Vitality(24) + Purity of Fire(24) + Flammability(24)

I would recommend to change the setup towards Dual Curse when you start playing T8-15 maps, earlier it is not really needed because everything is dying fast enough anyways.

Useful Uniques for leveling:
Lifesprig (Level 1 Weapon)
Aurumvorax (Level 17 Weapon)
Cloak of Flame (Level 18 Chest)
Kikazaru2x (Level 20 Ring)
Skullhead (Level 36 Helmet)
Ngamahu Tiki (Level 36 Amulet)
The Oak (Level 40 Shield)
Immortal Flesh (Level 50 Belt)

Don´t forget the most important thing is still to have fun and enjoying yourself. Don´t feel the need of rushing something, the game is intentionally slow at the beginning in order to give people the opportunity to learn and understand different bosses and game mechanics.
The pace will pick up really quickly around level 65-70 when you have more points allocated at the passivtree, when your gems have a higher level and are placed in a 4-6 link setup and so on.

7. Bandits & Pantheon(Gods):
Bandits: Help Oak for the 1% Life Regeneration + 2% Physical Damage mitigation.
Major God: Arakaali
Minor God: Abberath

Herald of Thunder = Arcade Map + Divine Vessel
Shock and Horror = Torture Chamber Map + Divine Vessel
Shadow of the Vaal = Maze Map + Divine Vessel
Lord of the Ashen Arrow = Ashen Woods Map + Divine Vessel

Pantheon System: Klick

8. Ascendancies
Ascendant: 1st Trickster 2nd Inquisitor or Necromancer 3rd enable Shadow section for additional 3 Skillpoints.

Ascendancies have been changed with 31st of August, no more use of Pathfinder:

If you wanna respec Ascendancy points make sure you have also the needed amount of free skillpoints.
For instance if you have currently all skillpoints used and you did get a skillpoint from a ascendancy node you wanna remove, you have to free up first that skillpoint.
You need 8 respec points to undo 1 ascendancy point.

The reason for the change is that Pathfinder has been changed with 3.0.0
Prior you did receive 50% increased Flask charge recovery, now it is a 50% chance to get a flask charge on critical hit.
After doing yesterday for several hours some testing and finally having it reported as being bugged, it came up that it does work in a way which I would have never imagined because it is so useless and bad, it might be the worst mechanic of all classes and ascendacies by now.
It does not mean that you get a consumable charge it does mean you receive 1 out of 30/60 charges (depending at flask).
So you need at least 15 single charges aka ~ 30 critical hits and that in the worst case x5 (5 Flasks) to get a Consumable charge.
I honestly still can not believe that, but it is what it is...
I know they tried to nerf all powerfull flasks and rework charges at the game but holy shit that is some bullshit right there...

Difference between Inquisitor and Necromancer:
Inquisitor does provide basic 25% increased damage, additional 4% life regeneration and 8% elemental damage mitigation while on consecrated ground. The problem is that you have plenty of concentrated ground during farming, but at bosses where it does matter it can be hard to get it, because there is sometimes nothing else around to kill. So I would highly recommend to use a Sulphur Flask to cast it manually at bosses for the extra ele dmg mitigation.

Necromancer has 4% physical damage mitigation which is way less useful than the 8% elemental.
The increased damage output is 30% instead of 25%.
You do get additional 20% chaos resistance, which is nowdays really nice to have.

With going for another Ascendant you also might need somewhere at your Gear or Jewels a bit of extra Dexterity, you will lose 40 by unspeccing pathfinder.

9. Enchantments:
Helmet: 1. Flammability 20/30% (only if used with Blasphemy)
2. Righteous Fire Damage 25/40% 3. RF Radius 8/12%
Gloves: Decree of Light or Commandment of Light
Boots: Regenerate 1.5 or 2% of Life and Mana when hit recently

10. Gear Tierlist for all slots - linked to PoE Trade:
Alternative Items are one of the most asked questions, I did list here all meaningful Uniques + stat Values and if viable also Rare Items.
All Items are clickable and will link towards PoE Trade (standard League) with already some preset stat values (check and adjust them for possible cheaper Items!).
I thought that would be more usable instead of the item wiki side.
Item List


1. Rare Scepter (up to 170% increased damage + other things like Resistances)
2. Doryani's Catalyst (up to 132% increased Damage)
3. The Dark Seer (up to 72% increased Damage)
4. Singularity (30% increased Damage + 25% slower enemies)
5. The Supreme Truth (up to 50% increased Damage, +1 to socketed Gems, +3% more Experience gained)
6. Doon Cuebiyari (30% increased Damage + 1% more Damage for every 8 strength, has up to 70 itself)


1. Rise of the Phoenix
Since Leo Master Craft at Shields has been changed/nerfed from 20% to 5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time, RotP is far superior and there is currently no more mentionworthy alternative available.

Body Armour

1. Atziri's Splendour (Armour 1600+, the 1k Armour 1k Evasion version is fine too if you can´t afford the Armour one. Be aware that there are versions without Life roll, you need one with Life. )
2. Belly of the Beast (max 40% increased Life, that does increase our total Life with endgame gear by ~ 5.5% and that is to less to be Nr 1)
3. Kaom's Heart (I would personally never give up my 6 link, otherwise can be also seen as Nr. 2 in combination with Essence crafted Helmet or Gloves. The Life increase is around 1-1.2k)
4. Carcass Jack (buffed from 12 to 40-50% increased Area Damage - No Armour though thats why just 4.)
5. Rare Chest (100+ Life, 1200+ Armour, Resistances)


1. Rare Helmet (90+ Life, 500+ Armour, Resistances, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)
2. Hrimnor's Resolve (2nd due missing 20-30 Life towards a Rare Helmet)
3. The Formless Inferno (missing Life)
4. The Brine Crow (missing Life + has Energy Shield)


1. Rare Gloves (Life 85+, Armour 250+, Resistances, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)
2. Wyrmsign (fun item, only in combination with Red Dream/Nightmare Jewel)


1. The Blood Dance (even with just 0.5% instead of 1% Life regen, still tier 1 due Frenzy Charge generation which do have a %more damage bonus. Also we use them with Rotgut and for the MF setup)
2. Rare Boots (Life 85+, Armour 300+, Movementspeed 20+, Resistances, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)
3. Kaom's Roots (for the sake of mentioning them)
4. Death's Door (For the 100% secure brain afk farming, no more bleeding)


1. Rare Leather Belt (Life 100+, Armour 250+, Resistances, Craft Movementspeed, Strength(Life), Increased Flask effect duration / charges gained)
2. Immortal Flesh (Is actually an alternative if you can handle the - Resistances)
3. Belt of the Deceiver (mentioned because it is Unique and people love Unique items, good Letaher Belt is far superior)


1. Primal Skull Talisman (80+ Life, Resistances, 20%+ increased Fire Damage, 15%+ increased Armour, Strength(Life), Item Rarity (standard league only))
2. Marble Amulet (80+ Life, Resistances, 20%+ increased Fire Damage, 15%+ increased Armour, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)
3. Ngamahu Tiki Coral Amulet (up to 50 Life up to 70% Fire Damage, cjeap solution till you get a decent Marble Amulet)
4. Xoph's Blood Amber Amulet (Can be used as damage increase for mid level map farming, 10% Fire Penetration + 20% increased Fire damage against stuff that hit you (mainly rogues, rares and bosses))
5. Blood Grip Marble Amulet (Cheap Unique for the beginning (Lev 74 needed))


1. Rare Coral Ring (100+ Life, Resistances, 20%+ increased Fire Damage, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)
2. Rare Opal Ring (70+ Life, Resistances, 20%+ increased Fire Damage, Strength(Life), Item Rarity)

There are obviously plenty of other Items around, but they do have either synergy which is no synergy (example Doryani's Belt) or simply do miss too much other important stuff to be viable (example Pyre Ring)

11. Low Budget Version:
I just converted my SSF Harbinger char to standard Harbinger and tried again to make a low level budget version.

That´s what I came up with (18th of August):


Paid for everything together 11 Chaos 7 Alch + used ~10 fusings ~25 chromes ~15 Jews for crafting.
Helmet had already those colors, Blooddance will be made when I get Vorici higher.

Char Stats: 6.141 Life, 7364/20178 Armour, Fire 133%, Cold 115%, Lightning 98%, 850 Life Regen

12. Magic Find Setup:
I am currently at +77% IIQ and +290% IIR (Increased Item Quantity/Rarity) + max roll Binos, Movementspeed is up to 189% majority of time ~ 120%.
Used Gear and Gem setup:

T8 Atoll with 75% IIQ 328% IIR & up to 155% Movementspeed:

Trigger Elemental Equilibrium at Bosses with Leap Slam (instead of lightning warp).
If you also go for Ventor's Gamble Ring, remember for elemental weakness you should have 129% Fire 109% Cold/Lightning Resistances.

With that Build there is nothing to do except of a bit Flask management and just running through Monsters :-)

Also it is possible to get the maximum out of the Phase Run Gem.

The two big disadvantages of Phase Run towards other Movement Skills are normally, 1st the long cast animation, 2nd Phase Run does end when you use any other Skill.
Because we do have Phase Run linked to a Lev 1 CWDT setup and the change for Flammability being applied with Blasphemy, we prevent both negative impacts from happening. That way we use the max duration of it, which is ~8 seconds.

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Last bumped on Jul 2, 2018, 9:38:04 AM
13. How to equip your char at 65 / Updates afterwards
There are several things which are important in both cases:

1. Use PoE Trade properly:
For instance at the mod search category "to maximum Life" is available as total and explicit.
If you choose the total version everything (Implicit, Explicit, Strength) will be counted together.
If you choose the explicit version, it does only search for a normal Life roll amount.
That does matter if you search for instance a Leather Belt, you can have up to 40 Life as implicit up to 99 Life as normal roll and up to 50 strength (25 life), so you could search with the total mod for 150+ Life.
Also you can search for most special mods, often only a few keywords are enough.
Blood Dance do have a 20-30% chance to get a frenzy charge on kill.
Now just search for "frenzy charge on" and you will find the correct one (Explicit) and with that you can sort them at 28-30 for instance.

2. Do not simply buy Items blind slot by slot and look afterwards:
It is important to get an overview first, what items do I need? How are my Resistances looking?
Is there a certain Item I want/need which is more expensive? Any key items? What is the price range?
Compare also with items from players who are offline to get a better overview.
Also try to buy your setup at peaq times when many people are online 6pm till 2am CEST is a good time frame considered other timezones.

Equip the Char at 65 with low Budget (~20 Chaos):
If you are new or it is a new league make sure to use the Chaos Vendor Recipe Klick.
We have 2 Items we wanna have right away.
1st the Rise of the Phoenix Shield.
2nd The Blood Dance Boots.
3rd you look for a decent weapon, I kinda like The Dark Seer atm because of the 1 Life per Level.
So what are our Goals right now?
The first goal is to have as much Life as possible at all items.
The second goal is to cap our Resistances.
The 3rd Goal is doing so with Strength/Armour based Items.
And how do we start?
We start with Amulet and Rings, because those 3 are always the most expensive ones if you wanna have something acceptable (Coral Ring 90 Life + one kind of resistance 30+, Amu 70 Life + 1 Resistance 30+ is the searching base, most of the time you will find dual ress with those values for 2-3 chaos each) Do take your time when comparing them and if you have similar ones devalue Fire Res here, go for Cold and Lightning).
After you have bought 2 rings + Amu, you should have already a bit of resistances including passivtree + Shield + PoF. Now the goal is to cap our resistances and doing that with armour based items, the most important now is to get fire at 129, Cold and lightning can stay at 75+ but might go for 109 to work against elemental weakness.
The next slot should be gloves, here we choose first 200 min armour. then 75+ life + two resistances with 30+, also don´t forget that you must have added x to x lightning/cold damage to attacks somewhere at your gear.
The Helmet and Belt are always by far the cheapest and easiest items to fill up your Resistances with.
Make sure that they have again a decent chunk of armour and if you are already in a good state with your res you can even look for additional chaos resistance on them. Chaos Res is fine around +-0.
For the Jewels just search for 6%+ Life and damage over time, you can get them for 1 Chaos each, if not available use the auto search at PoE, it will not take much time.

Searching for Updates:
After having build that first working version it is just a step by step progress.
The good thing is that our Build does work really nice with budget gear and has a steady curve with damage increase (except of enabling, Elemental Equilibrium and Dual Curse), so we can simply go piece by piece.
Persoanlly I would go first for the Splendour chest (at least 1k armour and make sure it is with Life roll(prefered 1600+ Armour!)), you will feel the difference if you had problems before.
Then the Marble Amulet, it can be a bit expensive, try to get 70+ Lie + 1 kind of resistance on it. You can also go for the Unique version of it (Bloodgrip) requires level 74 though.
After those two try to get a decent DPS Weapon, either Doryani's Catalyst or a Rare Sceptre with 120+ inc damage.
Do not make the mistake what many people are doing and look for increased damage right away, neither at gear noa at the passivtree. The first goal and step is increasing Life and Survivability.
So your updates should go towards that, increasing Life and increasing Armour.
If you have reached a decent stage you can go for the damage part, updating Jewels, taking burning and fire nodes at the passivtree, going for dual cursing and so on.
You have to remind yourself that RF is no single target skill, bosses might take a bit at the beginning and also at the endgame, that is normal and does not mean that your damage is bad...
Farming does work from Lev 65 with budget gear already up to T11 maps with barely any problems and decent speed. You only have to watch out for a Hand full of Bosses.
I personally always use Devourers as damage indicator, if they do spawn behind you and die automatically during you are running away your damage is good enough for that area.

Work in progress

14. Mechanics RF / Keynodes / Playstyle:

1. RF itself is a Degeneration Skill, it does not hit.
That is the Reason for:
a) it NOT being affected by increased Spell Damage.
b) no possibility for any kind of Life leech.
c) only a handful of Support Gems working with it.

2. Currently working Support Gems are: Increased Area of Effect, Elemental Focus, Increased Burning Damage, Concentrated Effect, Item Rarity & Quantity and Empower.

3. Frenzy/Endurance Charges: Frenzy charges are generated with the Blood Dance Boots (Highly recommended QOL Item), Endurance charges with the Red Dream/Nightmare Jewel (Nice to have, but absolutely not mandatory)

4. With the Rumi's Flask + Shield + Tempest Shield we have almost 50% Block Chance + a Red Nightmafre Jewel 70%.
Make sure to use the Rumi's at stronger opponents like Bosses, for every block Tempest shield has a Chance to apply Blind / Knockback the enemy.

5. We have 2 Keynodes at the Passivtree 1. Elemental Equilibrium(EE) 2. Elemental Overload(EO).

Elemental Equilibrium:
We learned that Righteous Fire does not hit due it is a Degeneration Skill, that is the Reason why we use EE. To make EE work, we have to have somewhere (Ring/Amu/Gloves) adds x to x Cold or Lightning Damage to attacks. That way we will activate EE with Cyclone and they will lose 50% fire Resistance.
IMPORTANT: do not use Items with x to x Fire Damage!
% increased Fire Damage is absolutely fine though.

Eelemental Overload:
The critical hits of Cyclone + Increased critical Strikes Support are normally already enough to have EO often activated. Due that and the change of the Pathfinder Ascendancy we are no longer using the Blade Vortex setup.

6. The Playstyle itself is pretty simple, that´s why I like that Build so much.
No key spamming, no button smashing, vaporizing trash by just passing by. Just 1 skill and only minimalistic Flask management. Does feel sometimes more lazy than a Necromancer ;-)

7. Immortal Call, Molten Shell and Fortify are the defensiv Setups. First 2 do get triggered with a CWDT setup, Fortify you have to apply yourself with Cyclone.

8. The Golem is connected with the CWDT Gem so we don´t have to summon him manually.

9. The main Reason for Cyclone is to give us Fortify, but you can use it also to slow yourself down so magic packs / rares are longer effected by RF, you can avoid backtracking by doing that and play more efficient. Obviously you can also exchange it with Shield Charge if that playstyle does suit you better.

10. Do not just stand still at Bosses and wait.
Molten Shell is able to trigger Elemental Equilibrium, so if you receive enough Damage and Molten Shell does get activated, the Boss/Monster will receive +25% instead of -50% Fire Resistances.
You have to hit him/it again with Cyclone to apply your Damage Source (add x to x Lightning or Cold damage) to get the -50% Fire Resistances back.

11. Mind over Matter (MoM)
In my eyes MoM has 2 possible ways to be sensefully used in combination with a pure RF char.
The first is if you start to use RF already at low level ~25+ you might be able to use MoM around level 45 to make it a bit more relaxing to play RF that early on.
The second would be the use of it when going to play Hardcore, there it should be absolutely vailable and helpful.
For a endgeared pure RF char it does not provide anything though.

15. Tipps:

1. Stat priorities:
1. Life! every little bit does count, as more Life as higher is your base RF Damage
2. cap your Resistances (129% Fire 109% Cold/Lightning against Ele Weakness)
3. Armour
4. Strength for extra Life
5. % Increased Burning Damage
6. % Increased Fire Damage
7. Item Rarity / Quantity
8. Life reg/sec
1 2 and 3 are the must have Stats, rest are fillers.

2. Try to avoid Items with Energy Shield on it, ES does nothing except hurting yourself.

3. From 3 of our Uniques are Legacy Versions available (Standard League).
"The Blood Dance Sharkskin Boots", you get 1 instead of 0.5% Life Regeneration per Frenzy charge.
"Rumi's Concoction Granite Flask", can have 40/20% instead of 20/10% Block Chance.
"Rise of the Phoenix Mosaic Kite Shield" has + 16% to all Elemental Resistances instead of 8%.
Be aware that you should not use a Divine Orb on them, because you can only roll a Standard Value!

4. It is not a Build to be cool and impress your Friends, what do I mean? It is amazing as a Solo Player, ok in a Group of 2, but with more the clearspeed does fall of drastically.

5. Why Stone Golem? Life Regeneration

6. If you need more Resistances, you can use the "Diamond Skin" passiv node >Picture< left of the Marauder Startpoint. It will give +15 to all Elemental Resistances and will also increase the chance to get a Endurance charge from 14 to 29% if you have the Red Dream Jewel and placed it down there (from +4% to 9% Blockchance for The Red Nightmare).

7. Area of Effect calculations have been changed "recently"
>klick me< since then it is way easier to reach quickly a big Area, but after some point, stacking area nodes will only provide a marginal increase.

8. Atziri's Splendour has besides its really nice value for us another good side effect. Due it being Dex, Str, Int based all sockets have an equal chance for each color to roll.
Normally it is painful and really expensive to get 4-6 off colors (blue at armour/str item)

9. If you still have to craft 3-4 off colors at an item you can use a little trick with Vorici's Workbench (obviously you can just simply pay also 125 chroms for 3 fixed colors.) Lets say you have a armour/str based helmet but you need 3-4 blue sockets. You craft 2 Sockets, then you craft "at least 2 blue sockets". Those 2 blue sockets will always count as socket 1 an 2. Now you craft 3 sockets if the 3rd is not blue you craft again 2 sockets, it will remove the wrong one but does keep the 2 blue ones. You repeat that till you get the 3rd as blue and you can do the same with 4 sockets. If you are not totally unlucky that version is the cheapest way to craft off colors.

Since a Streamer made another Marauder RF version people are frequently asking about Kaom's Roots (mainly PM´s)
Since we do run the Dual Curse setup it is actually possible to make use of them, prior it wasn´t because we needed the Curse on hit setup. But in order to use Kaom's Roots you have to give up on the Frenzy charges from Blood Dance (Life Regen, perma Onslaught with Rotgut and MF setup Phase run) + You have to drop the CwdT + Tempest Shield setup. If you are willing to do so that would be the way.

If you are manipulating the atlas and want to do T13-16 with budget gear use 3-4 Life Flask + Ruby and if phys damage boss + Granite/Rumi's.

Did the math about Pyre being valuable or not and also tested it ingame with early game and endgame gear.
Early game when you are around 5.5-6k HP it is statwise possible to use it for the extra damage without losing out to much.
If you have exceeded the 6k Life it is not worth to take it anymore, because the loss of Life does simply also mean, lower healthpool, less regeneration and also losing base damage.
All in all Pyre is not really worth it at all, because you do not need more damage in the early game anyways.
If you still decide to use it, make sure to get add x to x lightning damage to attacks and not cold. The Pyre is converting Cold into Fire and that would have a negative impact at Elemental Equilibrium.

More will follow over time

16. Why Scion? Difference to other Classes?
Why Scion?:
There were two main reasons for me to choose Scion.
The first was that I already played every other possible RF version.
The second one was that Ascendant was/is so bad, that there is literally no build available which another char could not do much better.
But the Life RF version is kinda at one Level with other Classes, as always there are a few advantages and disadvantages but they are making up for eachother.
Harbringer will be the 4th League in a row I am playing it (prior Lev 96/97/98 (with no intention to go for 100)) and the main reason I did stick with it over everything else is that there is in my eyes no single build/version which can be played more relaxed/easy than this one. I am not one of those people which are getting an orgasm at 300+ APM and a screen full of effects. I prefer the possibility of interacting / watching something during playing and also playing sometimes braindead just map after map and only listening if a "ping" does happen and what shall I say, that build does provide everything of that with ease and still can do every content.

Comparing with other Classes:
Recently one of the most asked questions because of 3.0.
A few months ago when I was making the Guide I was already thinking about adding this section and explaining everything. But it is the same reason now which back then also made me decide against it.
Besides it taking much time to do so with 4-5 different Builds, it also does provide the most used base for people to hate on. As everyone does know at the www there is a certain kind of human around which has a miserable and meanigless life and their only existence reason is trying to compensate for that anonymously at the internet by stiring every possible shit up to get their so much needed attention.
And at PoE comparing Builds and the Passivtree are the two things which those people are always choosing to do so.
So I decided to give you guys every single stat and info possible about the build and with those everyone who really wanna compare stuff or change stuff is from my side able to do so.

Nothing more to say, except of if you got triggered by something standing here you should really go ahead and check yourself.

17. How much Life Regeneration do I need to sustain RF?
Many People always wanna know how much Life Regeneration they need to sustain RF.
The Math is quiet simple, you need your missing max Fire Resistance x 0.9 of your Life and your missing max Fire Resistance x 0.7 of your Energy Shield. (You burn for 90% of your max Life and 70% of your max ES)

Let´s say we have 89% max Fire Resistance, 8.400 Life and 350 Energy Shield.

Example Life: You are at 89% Max Fire Resistance, you are missing 11% to the max of 100. Those 11 you have to multiplicate by 0.9 = 9.9
So you need to regenerate 9.9% of your total health pool to sustain it.
9.9% of 8.400 = ~ 849

Example ES: We are again at 89% Max Fire Resistance, missing 11% towards 100. So it would be 11 x 0.7 = 7.7
We have to regenerate 7.7% of our max Energy Shield.
7.7% of 350 = ~ 27

Altogether we need in that case 876 Life Regeneration per Second to sustain it.

18. Can you do U-Atziri/Guardians/U-Lab/Shaper?
Generally there is to say that Righteous Fire is no Single Target Skill.
The endgame Bosses mentioned here are all doable (deathless), but to do so you should know their mechanics. You need time to kill them and that does mean you have to kite them around.

The only thing which is not doable are maps with "no life regeneration"

For instance people are always saying: "you can´t run -x Resistances, 40/60% less Regeneration, Vulnerability and because of that you have to reroll every Map" with RF.
That is just wrong,a single mod of those is 0 problem, 2 of them together are a nice change, all 3 together are a decent challenge but absolutely doable.

The really strong and absolutely enjoyable part about RF in general is the clear speed at maps and that you can facetank most of the normal content.

Atziri? 95% max fire resistance, we can stay were other people do get oneshot.
Labs/Uberlab? Easy, we have an higher Life pool and more Regeneration than 95% of all other builds.
Guardians? Not a problem if you are familiar with them.
Shaper? If you are experienced you can do it. Is it fun? Definitly no.

19. Videos:
T13 3.0 Dual Curse Fully stacked Atoll run: Klick
I thought I will load up a new Video with the Dual Curse setup which we are running in 3.0
I Intentionally rolled a map where monsters are buffed and which does not only consist out of skeletons or seawitches as you often see.
Degeneration came from Vulnerability.
Movementspeed "perma" 120%.

T15 2.6 Abyss with double Boss: Klick

T10 2.6 1 Map, 7 Minutes, 26 Uniques: Klick
Legacy League, double Beyond setup, 1 strand run out of a set with 5 and a total of 118 Uniques.

T8 2.6 Atoll with 75% IIQ 328% IIR & up to 155% Movementspeed: Klick

Guide: how to use RF from lev 24 on as a Scion: Klick
You can find more details and thoughts behind it at the leveling section (6.)

More might follow over Time

20. ES / Low Life version:
The Build/Guide has nothing to do with ES so I wont go in depth and only give short answers.
But there is a good RF ES guide by Yalani, well structured and detailed.
(Because people asked about it mainly with pm´s)

21. 3.0.0 Path of building Skilltrees + with 2.6 gear

3.0 Dual Curse Full Tree blank:
3.0 Dual Curse with 2.6 gear:
3.0 Red Dream/Nightmare Full Tree blank:
3.0 Red Dream/Nightmare Version with 2.6 gear:

22. Most recent changes to the Guide
31st of August:
Ascendancy change from Pathfinder to Inquisitor/Necromancer, more at section 8. Ascendancies.
3rd of September:
Did split of the Guide into 2 posts, was fighting long enough with the 50k character limitation.
Added New section 13. How to equip your char at 65 / How to get Updates
4th of September:
Reworked the Gem section completly.
There are now multiple possibilties available.
Also replaced the CwdT + Blade Vortex setup, because with the removal of Pathfinder it was no longer double dipping and so not worth a 4 link anymore.
10th of September:
Added description and usage of Flasks at Flask section, many people seem to underate them / use them "wrong"


I know it was plenty stuff to read, but I really tried to cover all possible questions and I also tried to provide everything you might need to fully enjoy the build at it´s maximum potential. Hope I could help a few people out and if there are still questions around, just ask them here at the Guide.

Wish you all good luck and have fun.

        The Guide does currently consist out of 69.718 Signs/Letters/Numbers
Last edited by Twinks on Oct 26, 2017, 4:07:33 AM
I like it! Going to give it a go. I played RF a while back and you're right, levelling is a pain. We'll see how it goes. :)
The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
Hi ! I think i will follow your build ! Whats your belt in your gear ? i cant see it, maybe a fire doryanis invitation ?
Do you think Belly would be viable? Are you using Splendor for the life on kill?
The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
moumout wrote:
Hi ! I think i will follow your build ! Whats your belt in your gear ? i cant see it, maybe a fire doryanis invitation ?

Belt is added again, sorry for that, I guess he disappeared when I updated the gear.
As you can see, it is a normal rare one, I would not recommend a doryanis invitation.
Doryanis has no flat life, life is the Nr. 1 priority at every item, because it is the factor for our base damage. You would have a lower total health pool and due that also a lower damage output, even with a max roll of + 30% Fire damage. Also the leech function does not work with RF.

Bowman8763 wrote:
Do you think Belly would be viable? Are you using Splendor for the life on kill?

Hi, due Carcass Jack losing much value with the recent changes to Area size calculations, I was looking for an alternative for that league. There were 3 viable options, Atziris Splendour, Belly of the beast and Kaoms Heart.
I calculated how much more a 40% Life Belly would offer when we have the max amount of life at every piece of gear. It is 5,5%.
With my current gear the difference would be 8.612 instead of 8.169 Life, which would mean a decent damage increase, but in its current state RF builds do not lack damage, it is more about the survivability.
The advantage of splendour is ~ 50% more armour and the 100 life per kill which also does make maps with combined mods of vulnerability / - % max resistance / -40/60% life regeneration quiet easy.

Towards Kaoms, I love my current setup, so for me there is no way that I would use it at the moment.
But you can get a "Socketed Gems deal 30% more Elemental Damage" helmet (crafting with essence of Horror) and run RF in there with a 4 link setup.
Last edited by Twinks on Apr 7, 2017, 1:37:53 AM
Thank you for the great information regarding the chest armor.

I also wanted to say that I leveled using Firestorm until I could use Bladefall. Bladefall works very well if you have a Tabula. Although, you will need Eleron jewelry to make up for the mana cost. It made leveling a breeze.

Thanks for sharing your build. I look forward to see what updates you'll have for the coming expansions.
The Lab, making a great game good since 2016.
Last edited by Bowman8763 on Apr 7, 2017, 6:01:00 PM
okay ! thanks for the answer and the link of the belt ^^
its a really nice guide, with so much details, was looking for a build to try the scion, this one looks amazing ^^
Is the doryani's only used for the ele dmg + life leech? If so would a perfect rolled wand be better(more spell dmg + master crafted fire leech)

Why splendor instead of belly? Belly increases your lifepool a lot more and the +100 life/kill from spelndor seems rather worthless as the only times you really need life are boss fights.

%increased spell damage okay roll on jewels?

Doryani fire belt good or lose too much life?

~~Katie ^-^
bloorocksDotD wrote:
Is the doryani's only used for the ele dmg + life leech? If so would a perfect rolled wand be better(more spell dmg + master crafted fire leech)

Copied out of the guide, that will also answer your third question:
1. RF itself is a degeneration skill, it does not hit.
That is the reason for,
a) it not being affected by increased spell damage.
b) no possibility for any kind of life leech .
c) only a handful of support gems working with it.

bloorocksDotD wrote:
Why splendor instead of belly? Belly increases your lifepool a lot more and the +100 life/kill from spelndor seems rather worthless as the only times you really need life are boss fights.

Answered detailed 4 posts above
Edit: There are several situations where the 100 life/kill do come in quiet handy.
As mentioned above already it does make some map mods combinations easier.
Faster recovery after burst damage (mainly explosions like corpse, volatile and so on).
High density breach at endgame maps with certain combinations (Leaguestones + map mods).
Big group of "spikers".

bloorocksDotD wrote:
%increased spell damage okay roll on jewels?

See answer at your first question.

bloorocksDotD wrote:
Doryani fire belt good or lose too much life?

Answered 4 posts above

Last edited by Twinks on Apr 9, 2017, 4:41:51 PM

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