[2.6] LHC Rank #17 - Righteous Fire - Juggernaut

This is my Righteous Fire Juggernaut that I used to push to 100 on the LHC ladder.

*** This is a Work in Progress...
*** Coming Soon: Better gear and jewels. Videos of harder content.


(3/30/17) - Videos of Forge of the Phoenix and Atziri added

(3/29/17) - Sections on Map Mods and Ascendancy Order added

(3/28/17) - Sections on Leveling and Jewels added

(3/27/17) - Guide created

Build highlights:

- Possible to reach 10,000+ life
- Very tanky + safe
- Made with Hardcore in mind
- 10 endurance charges
- 2,300+ Life regen per second
- Good clear speed to tank ratio
- Not outrageously expensive to gear
- Immune to temp chains, chilled ground, etc.
- Very good Uber Lab farmer

Build explained:

Towards the end of Breach, I wanted to make a build that was tanky, cleared relatively fast, and didn't rely on leech for sustain. So I decided on righteous fire. When it became clear the that radius was getting a hefty buff in 2.6, it then became my first choice for pushing ladder in LHC.

The basics are the same as most other RF builds:
- Get as much life as possible
- Get as much fire resistance as possible
- Get enough life regen to sustain RF
- Use EE and curses to reduce enemy resistances

However, I then take this a bit further. I see a lot of RF builds on here still using outdated and clunky mechanics, such as using cyclone + CoH to apply curses, which is slow and not efficient. I instead found a way to fit in addition to purity of fire, 2 blasphemy curses. I decided on enfeeble + flammability for a balance of safety and extra damage.

Elemental Equilibrium is applied by having flat cold damage on my gloves, allowing shield charge to proc it. I also include orb of storms + inc crit strikes to more reliably trigger Elemental Overload vs bosses (and also triggers EE).

Lots of RF Builds seem to get just enough regen to sustain RF. Instead, I wanted to get way more than that, which led to me using two kaom's way.

The amount of regen I have on the tree alone is enough to sustain RF. In addition to that, with my 10 endurance charges up I get an extra 10% regen!! (.4% from each kaom's way per endurance charge, .2% from tree per endurance charge). I also recieve an additional 1.9% regen from the juggernaut ascendancy whenever I have fortify activated.

Why Juggernaut?

The first question I get from many people, is why juggernaut over chieftain for righteous fire? Well the short answer is Endurance Charge Synergy. The long answer is that after much testing in preparation for 2.6 I came to the conclusion that it's just straight up better.

Chieftain may seem like the obvious choice, but it just doesn't work with endurance charges as good as Juggernaut does. Also, Juggernaut has GREAT endurance charge generation. If chieftain loses charges right before a boss fight, they will take much longer to get those charges back compared to juggernaut. This is because of juggernaut's 25% chance to gain full charges when a charge is gained (this works with both Enduring Cry, and the chance to get an endurance charge when hit).

In addition to the juggernaut's endurance charge perks, it also offers a better fortify which offers more damage mitigation and gives extra damage. Immunity to temp chains and other slowing effects is also a nice bonus.

With fortify up and 10 endurance charges I get an extra:

-90% Increased damage
-11.9% Life Renerated per Second
-25% Damage reduction from fortify (up from 20%)
-40% Physical damage reduction
-8% Less elemental damage taken (this also reduces self RF damage...)


T16 Forge of the Phoenix: https://youtu.be/8dWm5WHsmxQ
Atziri: https://youtu.be/BD3ddtXrXZg


All the videos below were recorded with the gear I used to push to 100, which I neglected to upgrade in favor of mapping supplies. You'll notice I don't switch to conc effect on any of the bosses. This is mostly out of laziness, since they die fast enough anyway.

T11 Shaped Strand: https://youtu.be/DLjiOOy0xMw
T13 Shaped Shore: https://youtu.be/Ah959c_qch8
T14 Shaped Promenade: https://youtu.be/LzJxhskXMIA
Poorjoy's Asylum: https://youtu.be/21WaHD05mpw


I leveled with flameblast totems from 28 to 68 and it went pretty smoothly. The first 28 levels can be a little frustrating though. The way I did it was...

2 Lifesprigs the entire way to 68

Level 1 to 12: Freezing Pulse + Fire Trap
Level 12 to 28: Firestorm + Firestorm totem
Level 28 to 68: Dual Flameblast Totems

Skill Tree ~level 20: http://poeplanner.com/AAYAADEBAAAWxthYYz38jM_2SF8_FCDvDlBH5FFnm64-xq4LYa9saPLwH6IABLPAZjwF73wAAAAAAA==

Skill Tree ~level 30: http://poeplanner.com/AAYAAEUBAAAgxthYYz38jM_2SF8_FCDvDlBH5FFnm64-xq4LYa9saPLwH6IABLPAZjwF73zE9nKprKpZ83IPZp5Y5SoTWiuj8gAAAAAA

Skill Tree ~level 50: http://poeplanner.com/AAYAAH8BAAA9xthYYz38jM_2SF8_FCDvDlBH5FFnm64-xq4LYa9saPLwH6IABLPAZjwF73zE9nKprKpZ83IPZp5Y5SoTWiuj8hDM_od7IPiT9zLqGPjrFHEOPCynSsT2rnasz37ZfIIHPC2DzLc-_grYvTpSvJ8YkeFzmjuCm-081aYAAAAAAA==

My tree when I switched to RF at 68: http://poeplanner.com/AAYAALcBMwBZxthYYz389khfPxQg7w5QR-RRZ5uuPsauC2GvbGjy8B-iAASzwGY8Be98xPZyqayqWfP3MuoY-OsUcQ48dqzPftl8ggc8LYPMtz7-Cti9OlK8nxiRGjiQVScvxFg26AHn_EsUTRpVYSFkowHchNlHfr02hO_awXTtBS2i6hLhu-2Rzp8-LdJBh_nogsco-riTmK0c3OvumuBFnVNSJ-0GDtR8CfZlTTWS_o9N46ZXOuHyRQAAAAAA

Some things to keep in mind... To switch at 68 you will need at least a level 17 Purity of Fire, and a decently leveled Vitality. As long as you have two enlighten lvl 2's (or one lvl 3) you can run Purity of Fire, Vitality, and one blasphemy curse (enfeeble for safety or flammability for damage). If you can't afford enlightens yet, just use PoF and Vitality until you can afford them.

Technically you don't need Vitality since you will easily sustain RF when endurance charges are up (1% regen per charge). However I prefer to be able to sustain without any charges (or fortify) so that everything else is extra regen. It also is safer, since getting hit by a nullifier mob would then cause you to degen.

Once your Purity of Fire hits level 20, you can drop Vitality and still sustain RF without endurance charges. At this point you should also have whispers of doom for dual curse. If you still don't have enlightens, switch your Vitality out for one blasphemy curse (enfeeble or flammability). If you do have your enlightens (or one enlighten 3) you can switch to the final form of Purity of Fire + Blasphemy Enfeeble and Flammability.


Normal: Oak (life)
Cruel: Skill Point
Merciless: Oak (endurance charge)

Skill Tree:

Ascendancy Order:


Unstoppable is mostly a QoL thing, so it's definitely saved for uber lab. It is not necessary for the build to preform, so if you are not comfortable running uber lab yet, do NOT rush into it just for the last points. I would wait until you at least have a kaom's heart.

Skill Gems:

Main RF Links:
Righteous Fire + Elemental Focus + Increased Burning Damage + Increased AoE
Switch out Increased AoE for Conc Effect vs bosses

Purity of Fire (unlinked)
Enlighten level 3 + Blasphemy + Enfeeble + Flammability

Blood Magic + Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Blood Magic + Enduring Cry
Blood Magic + Orb of Storms + Increased Crit Strikes

If you don't have an enlighten 3, this can work fine with TWO enlighten 2's, but requires some shifting around. The only real downside is that your orb of storms will lose Increased Crit Strikes.

Change your scepter to: Blood Magic + Enduring Cry + Orb of Storms
Change your shield to: Enlighten level 2 + purity of fire + whatever you want (this setup gives you an extra socket to put a vaal skill or something in)


As I said earlier, the rares are NOT min maxed in this setup, but it is what I used to push to 100 in LHC...

Required Items:

Strongly Recommended Items:

Helm crafted with Essence of Horror is extremely important, as it provides us with 30% MORE damage. It can be tough to get a good one, but if you can get enough resistances elsewhere, then the only important roll is life. Ignore the anger reservation enchant, it's just what I ended up with and didn't have time while pushing to correct. The best enchant would be Righteous Fire Damage. If you care about chromatics, craft it on an ES base or an ES hybrid base.

Other items:

Keep in mind that you will need to get flat cold OR lightning damage on either your gloves or amulet in order for your shield charge to proc EE. This also means you can NOT have flat fire damage on any items.


All I cared about while pushing ladder was having Life and Chaos Resist on my jewels. Ideally, in addition to those 2 stats, look for increased damage, area damage, fire damage.

Map Mods + Dangerous Situations:
One of the main drawbacks everyone lists for RF builds is having to reroll maps a lot. This has some truth to it, but honestly it's not that bad.

Can't do:
-Maximum Resistances
Less/No Regeneration

Can do, but is sketchy:
Cursed with Vulnerability
As long as you keep endurance charges up, you won't degen

Free IIQ/Packsize:
Cursed with Temp Chains
Elemental Reflect
Physical Reflect
Cannot Leech Life/Mana
Cursed with Elemental Weakness

Annoying Mods, but no problem:
Less Area of Effect

The first dangerous situation I want to talk about is just rolling dangerous maps, which is equally scary for other builds. More than two damage mods is something that should be avoided on hardcore imho. An example would be...

30% Increased Monster Damage
Monsters Deal 100% Extra Damage as Cold
Monsters deal 100% Extra Damage as Lightning

I would never run this map... You COULD make an exception if one of the damage mods is Extra Damage as Fire, since we have 88% fire resistance, but I still wouldn't

The other situation that's worth mentioning is Nullifier mobs. Getting hit with Nullifier is always annoying, and potentially deadly if the timing is really bad. When you are hit with Nullifier, you lose all endurance charges, which removes all of our physical mitigation and almost all of our extra regen (on top of RF). This is especially deadly when it happens in the middle of a breach, especially if you don't notice it because of all the action going on around you.

My advice for Nullifier is to just mouse over nemesis mobs and check their modifiers (good advice for any build). If you see nullifier, be prepared to Enduring Cry as soon as it dies.

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Congratulations on the achievement !! I am waiting for the guide on lv (:
Can you please tell us how you would use currency to make this build even better? I am not very good at this game so the safe tankiness of this build appeals to me! I have 17EX i can use on the build. I would LOVE to be able to see end game like guardians etc. I haven't ever seen that in POE yet.
Khal_HS wrote:
Congratulations on the achievement !! I am waiting for the guide on lv (:


lve2raft wrote:
Can you please tell us how you would use currency to make this build even better? I am not very good at this game so the safe tankiness of this build appeals to me! I have 17EX i can use on the build. I would LOVE to be able to see end game like guardians etc. I haven't ever seen that in POE yet.

Well tbh i'm not sure how this build is going to do vs guardians in HC (no problem in sc), but I'm gonna get better gear and try soon.

As for upgrades, the obvious ones are to get T1 Life AND Str on gloves, boots, ammy, and belt, while still filling out all of your resists. A Marble amulet would also be ideal if you can get one rolled like that. Also a better rolled Essence of Horror helm, with the Righteous Fire Damage helm enchant.

After that, theres a few different things you can do. Instead of a marble amulet, a corrupted +1 curse ammy would be nice, because then you can use witchfire brew for extra damage vs bosses and such. A corrupted kaom's heart with +1 max res would also be phenomenal.

The ultimate upgrade is legacy Kaom's Heart. If you are playing in one of the temp leagues though, you might as well just forget that it even exists lol.
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nice post, I was playing with the idea of doing an rf juggernaut and you posting this made me really wanna do it. out of curiosity, what did u level with?
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WorstSmitesEU wrote:
nice post, I was playing with the idea of doing an rf juggernaut and you posting this made me really wanna do it. out of curiosity, what did u level with?

I leveled with flameblast totems. It required around 20 respec points to switch to RF, so I had to do all of the extra refund point quests (this was early league, couldn't afford regrets). Another option is warchief totems.


I respecd to RF yesterday, from Brutus' Lead Sprinklers, to try it out.

Character is not minmaxed by any means.

You can see my gear at:


Character is Vivrehehe

The character is somewhat a mishmash and would need few more levels for last life cluster to get above 9000 life (8650 now) (about 200 life / point for each point)

Some notes about the build:
Build has 1250 strength so Doon is actually best weapon for damage.

Might be smart to get additional endurance charge (since they give both 4% reduced phys and 0,5% regen each point).

Uses legacy saffels frame and reckless defense jewels to reach 85/80/80 maximum elemental resistances and very high spell block chance for two jewel slot investment.

Use of Taste of Hate to mitigate biggest phys hits with alchemist cluster picked up recommended.

Having massively overcapped regeneration (18%+) allows running vulnerability maps.

E: finished 36 challenges yesterday and might stay away from PoE to recover from bad player interaction experiences.
Beta-key at all costs, Beta-key in spite of all terror,
Beta-key however long and hard the road may be;
for without Beta-key, there is no survival.
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Thank you for your build. I'm interested in doing something similar but i was wondering what flasks are you using ?
And why don't you have a ruby flask ? I might miss something about mechanics since i'm not an expert of POE !
How you do vs uber atziri and the shaper ?

Thank you for your answer.
Vivre wrote:

You can see my gear at:


Character is Vivrehehe

You should drop EE, as both your rings have fire damage to attacks, which your shield charge will proc.
Miss my old buddies, but life be life sometimes.
Could you put your tree on which you up flameblast?

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