The Fall of Oriath: Monster Preview

Zed_ wrote:
Nazis and catholics?

Well, the combination also sounds like the Empire of Man in both Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) incarnations. Looks interesting, and I for one think most of those Oriath uniforms would be welcome additions to the MTX roster.
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bring 'em on!
That moment when enemy monsters start to look more polished and better designed than your actual playable characters.
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This is actually scary, GG GGG
So nice!!! when the patch will be release? And if you guys make a real artwork/bestiary book, i'll by it!! It'll be so awesome, like a hardcover book!
Starting to get really hyped to kill some Holy Nazi's.
Btw I hope we will get MTX such as their shield, I found them so cool and classy as fuck :D
These look really good. Can't wait for 3.0. Thank you.
look dangerous.
More deaths T_T
pls tell me that nazi templar armor is gonna be an mtx we can get
"Purity Ain't Free. The labyrinth of ascendency gotta be litterd with the blood of the faithful. Chitus HUSSEIN perandus is not my emperor. He is blasphemous gommunist and probably karui as well :DD. PURITY and FAITH not malachai and thaumaturgy ok. praise God" - High templar voll, circa 1333

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