Best Animate Guardian Setup for Baron Zombie Build?


still trying to discern whether an AG with Black Sun Crest would get +% STR from the STR granted it by my The Baron. Any ideas?

i would say yes . the only thing guardians dont get from inherent gear are skill such as gloves enchants or skills from implicit items

that being said .. using a guardian in an offensive roll is a pretty hilarious waste of gems and gear since even a 50 exa guardian has the dps of like 4 zombies .

Realistically speaking for guardians you need to think in terms of novel item effects rather than killing power.

for example there is always the obvious leer cast dying breath combo that gives 33% increased damage in an area

and victarios flight which also gives movement speed

for increasing his hp people usually use the fact that belly of the beast and south bound both give % life which scales more on minions than flat life.

personally my umbilicus build uses a guardian with such a setup however i sometimes drop flight for blood dance since i use frenzy monkeys and the guardian could use the life regen
giving a AG 2 brutus' lead spike with that much amount of strength stacked.... would be funny to see the result
id would wager you could get the guardian to probably around 1500 - 2000 str depending on how far you commit

most srs focused baron builds have around 900 str
most zombie focused baron builds have around 1000 - 1200

assuming absurd investment you could push that amount of strength to probably 1500

then you could get what 50 str on helm , 50 str on chest albreon on boots and 100 str on gloves

so a base damage of 800 - 1600 fire damage on the guardian if i do my math right. the sad thing is that 1 level 24 raised zombie would have 900 - 2000 base damage pure physical.

yeah minions are wierd . their base stats are super high to make up for the fact that they cant hit the broad side of a barn and have very little in terms of scaling options.

but it has the side effect of making all those op scaling options other builds get .. look mediocre in comparison
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giving a AG 2 brutus' lead spike with that much amount of strength stacked.... would be funny to see the result

An extremely expensive waste of time.

I'm not honestly sure if Animated Guardian is worth it on a Baron build. I had huge trouble getting enough sockets for everything with just Zombies and SRS as my summoning skills. If you just gotta have a Guardian though, I'd run it as pure support. Leer Cast/Dying Breath/Belt of the Deceiver is good for deepz, though it means the Guardian likes to run up and melee things. Not optimal if you don't like buying a new set of Animated Guardian gear every twenty frickin' minutes.

You could also do Leer Cast for a bit of damage, then have it run disruptive support with Asenath's Gentle Touch and some ranged stuff. A couple of Moonsorrows gives it a chance to Blind things for you while it's applying Temp Chains with its hits and staying safe at a distance so you don't have to keep buying replacement gear for dead Guardians. Kinda useless for clearing, but possibly helpful for bosses. Then do Victario's Flight for speed and whatever junk other stuff you give it to help it live longer'n twenty frickin' minutes.
guardians cant use ranged weapons .. no wands

frankly if you have both srs and zombies .. you wont have room for minor minions
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