Best Animate Guardian Setup for Baron Zombie Build?

I have two sockets open and I am playing around with AG linked to Minion Life.

I'm Baron Necro build stacking Strength and using Geofri's and Shapers Touch to get ES.

I use SRS and Zombies.

For Animate Guardian I'm trying out Victario's Flight, Dying Breath, Southbound, Leer Cast, and Death's Oath.

That's just my best guess.

Any thoughts or things I should consider would be appreciated.
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I have a better idea , drop the guardian and pickup wither on a spell totem. the damage scaling you will gain for poison will drastically out weigh the benefits of rolling with an animate guardian

also vaal lightning trap will probably be more impactful to you than vaal skeletons
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depends what your scaling for damage, if your like me and keep the zombies in the helm because they crush everything on a 4 link then you probably want a dying breath for curse effectiveness or a victario's shield for frenzy charges.

I use spectres not srs in my 5l chest so went for flat damage scaling rather than poison.

If however your running zombies in a 5/6 with poison, or using a united/severed then Saltychipmunks right and you should drop the animate guardian completely for a wither totem.

Note: It really is the bomb once you get to the 1k+ strength with shapers touch/geoffris its about the only super tanky hybrid i've played but you get every defence layer its great.
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You could try Victario's charity shield, it will grant you and other minions frenzy charge on 5% of AG hits (which, from my recent experience, means rather rarely)

Why is your baron not a 4 link with minion gems? It has +2 to socketed minion gems.

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I would say Victario's Flight (preferred with the 2 % regeneration enchantment), Southbound and Leer Cast are the optimum choice for the respective slots.

I do not think it makes sense to wear Death Oath because the 450 chaos/s to nearby enemies won’t benefit from any player-sided (in this case: minion-sided) damage modifier. And even with debuffs like vulnerability the effect is negligible in endgame.

I therefore prefer the Zahndethus' Cassock to reliably (with bone offering) obtain consecrated ground for me and my minions.

Dying Breath seems to be an obvious option, but it’s only 18% increased Damage and curse effect at the cost of the shield slot. I really hate it when my guardian dies; that’s why I give him a Rathpith (spell block and 10 % life!) & a Singularity for the sweet hindering.

It is also worth considering to use a good shield with mastercrafted 20 % reduced damage over time.
Sorry for necro'ing an old post, but I have a couple of related questions.

If I AG a Black Sun Crest or Alberon's Warpath, would the +% STR stack with the STR granted the minion by The Baron? Or do those items calculate on the AG before The Baron granted STR?

trying to find a way to make AG more decent.
another route is

use whatever looks cool
Well, that would be made much simpler if my animated guardian could have MTX effects :)

still trying to discern whether an AG with Black Sun Crest would get +% STR from the STR granted it by my The Baron. Any ideas?
I have necro with big zombies and golems. I also have NA and use flesh/bone offerings

my setup is: Victario's Flight, Victario's Charity, Devoto's Devotion, Zahndethus' Cassock, Meginord's Vise, and aps claw. melee splash and multistrike

what is "the best" ? I dont know, it is build and situation dependent
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