[3.0] How to Flicker. Terminus Est Edition!

I've added the "Leveling Guide" section!
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
KorgothBG wrote:
I've added the "Leveling Guide" section!

*thumbs up*
I made another try to play flicker ....
I really LOVE the look from the videos and a terminus is cheap enough to make it happen for a rather casual player.

But that way ....
Maybe starting at 10.30 pm while being allready tired and in bad mood was no good idea but i made it to levle 5 (!)playing with cleave ... it was soooooo boring, slow, slugish that i stoped after like 15 minutes .... 46 more levels to go before gameplay starts. Why cant it work with level 15? :(

I only play temp leagues so buying anthing expensive isnt an option. Whats the best cheap thing to buy for not quitting before level 25 due to boredom of gameplay? Edge of madness i guess?

€dit: a pitty there is no system to rent leveling uniques ;)
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Few things :
* Starkonja is a great pelt to get aswell : lots of life, Dexterity, attack speed, evasion and some critical chance.
* Belt of the Deceiver : 10% increased damage taken on the ennemis' side is a lot of damage. Anti-crit' mechanics is a nice bonus to get aswell, along with life, damage and resistances. Better than 99% rare belts you'll find.
* Increased Critical Damage > Added Fire Damage. Especially if you don't wear Abyssus and fighting against a boss. Added Fire Damage is a tooltip boost, but way less so of a real DPS boost since resistances aren't accounted for in tooltips.

Raider's main perk is Frenzy Charges ability, which is covered by the weapon itself. So, yeah, Raider is pretty 'meh' for Terminus Flicker.
Wouldn't dismiss Assassin that fast as for myself though. Easier time capping crit' (more nodes for damage/survivability), better scaling (poison) and ability to use Marylene's Fallacy (great DPS boost)

All in all, same guide as your general Flicker's one : still well written/formatted.
That's how PoE is ... starts slow and goes faster as you level up and aquire better gear. Leveling with cleave to level 12 takes around 15 mins ... Leveling to 51 literally takes a couple of hours even without any leveling gear... and it's not like the game "starts" at that level.... in my opinion it starts from level 1. But i guess everyone sees the leveling process differently.
You can buy 90% of the leveling gear listed in the "Leveling Guide" section for up to 1 chaos orb (most for 1 alch orb) ... you really can't get the price lower than that.

Good point on the Starkonja, where it lacks in resistances (compared to a rare helmet) it makes up in accuracy(from the dexterity), some crit. and attack speed.
The belt of the deceiver - the damage boost is nice indeed and the anti-crit mod is extremely helpful (especially early on). Though what i don't like about it is the mediocre life and resistances. Because of that i'll always prefer a rare rustic sash with 80 life, triple 30-35 res, 20-25% WED (which are very cheap and of course there is an option for much better rolls) But with that said i think that you are right that this belt needs a bit more attention in the guide besides the "Leveling guide" section! Increased Critical Strike Damage vs. Added Fire Damage .. i don't know... i'm very conflicted about it. It is a tooltip damage but the difference is HUGE in my case at least (though i am using Abyssus) so huge in fact that i'm not really sure if the physical damage increase from the Increased Crit Damage gem (better poison damage, better leeching, better enemy armour penetration) is actually better.
The Assassin sure is a good option but i simply find the Slayer a better one.

And yup it is similar to my previous Flicker strike guide.. but hey ... both are 2h Slayer flicker strike builds they can't really be that different, though i found that the whole Terminus Est, going crit thing and so one warranted a separate guide instead of convoluting the already existing one.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Where can i see dps and other stats of your build? I finally decided to make a flicker and i wanna MAKE IT STROOOONK
Well i want to complete it first and i'll post screenshots. But so far i'm at 6325 life and with a 5L flicker strike i have 279842 DPS without flasks and 552682 DPS with flasks.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
I'm following your other excellent guide (two-handed edition), currently lvl 74, but i'm not sure how this would compare to that one.

It sounds really fun, with crit, and i do have the regrets for it.

What is your opinion about that?

Thx for the guide.
I ... can't really honestly answer that question yet. I feel that i need to spend more time playing this build before i can really compare them. Though at this point i have a feeling that this one could outperform the other one. I feel like this build has annoying mana and reflect issues between level 60 and say 75, and if you wear abyssus the lab traps are veeery annoying but it ends up pretty much just as tanky as the other one, the damage is better, the crit has some extra benefits in terms of elemental alignments, the end-game weapon used is rather cheap, the boss fights are smoother, and you can use Acuity if you can afford it which is a huge survivability boost.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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Yes, ofcourse :)

Looking forward to your future update.

Thanks for the quick reply

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