[3.0] How to Flicker. Terminus Est Edition!

This is probably the first build I really tried to follow as much as possible, and also my favorite build. The clearing speed makes it all worth it when showing this game to my friends ;)

And I would like to try to get my flicker character to lvl 100, however that does take time, and patience. So if anyone could look at my lvl 90 duelist slayer and see if I can use any upgrades or change anything in my build? Any tips is appreciated =)

And thanks for the awesome guide!
Besides the changes you listed a couple of pages back (changes to melee splash passives etc), are there anything new for 3.5? I was kind of hoping the new crafting could bring something new to this build.

Sad to see you don't see it as good as it once was. I've tried a few other builds, but never had as much fun as I had with this.
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I'm still playing this build in 3.5, and as a standard league player I am new to incursions and find this build excellent for the temple. Also still great for map clearing. Not so good for delving. :-)

I was playing with adding Herald of Purity to the build, which would be my third aura along with Hatred and Herald of Ash. This would add about another 10% damage. (Note that Ash and Purity give about the same boost according to PoB.)

The problem is that I'm left with about 54 unreserved mana and the build gets balky (flicker costs 41 and mana leech has to take over from there). I have a level 3 enlighten on the auras which is the best I can afford.

I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten 3 auras to work, and what is the minimum leftover mana I will need for things to work smoothly. Also, I currently have .4% mana leech and negligible mana regen.

Anyway, I suspect there is some threshold mana level that will work, just don't want to go to extremes to get more if it's beyond what I can realistically manage.
Ended up going with 3 auras after all, just not the three mentioned above. Instead I took Korgoth's advice from some time back, and went with Arctic Armour instead of Hatred. Then with both Heralds I only reserve 75%, and don't even need an Enlighten. Seems to work well, and the extra defense is always good.
Can this build be used for a Consecrated Path character without changing much? Is this a way to make it viable again? Can skip the splash and go cull and leech.
What's the best boss killer to use outside of Flicker Strike?

You mention Viper Strike, but is there a better option like Blade Flurry (not in this case, it's a 2h Sword, but you know what I mean), maybe something else?
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some update to current patch?

maybe some advice on precursor emblem (unique ring with possible mod- 15% chance that if you would gain Frenzy Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Frenzy Charges; and other good charges modes) ?
Here's to hoping you'll update this fantastic guide for 3.7 with the melee changes. Please. 🙏🏻
Looks like with the 2H changes plus the slayer ascend changes, this might be worth dusting off for another try?
Currently, I'm messing around with this build in standard. I've noticed huge buffs so far. I'm maxed out on accuracy and 97% crit with the new gems. I actually need to remove some +accuracy mods on my gear now. Definitely a lot of good stuff for crit builds with this update.

Edit: with close to 100% crit I’ve found its no longer necessary to sustain Blood Rage to gain frenzy charges
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