[2.6] Zombie summoner - 6 Big Zombies

Redid my sockets, I dropped spectres altogether and redid tree for +1 curse and elemental equilibrium. I'd linked added fire damage to zombies to benefit from Curse on hit (punishment/flammability) set up. Overall I went from 1,538 str-> 1,404 str and lost 600 life, 340ish energy shield. Went spirit eater as well for minion damage and extra cast speed from flesh offering consuming corpses.

new links as shown

I've dropped haste/enlighten in favor of hatred+ generosity and a bigger mana pool to use. I run a mana flask now to deal with mana issues. I also placed clarity on blood magic as I have plenty of life/es (4,669/5,234 life -- 4,661 energy shield.)

I've tested this out, 12 zombies, with uber Izaro and regular Atziri. Both times zombies just dealt too much dmg and fight ended when they spawned. (Uber izaro moved and did his little justice rains from above before moving to next phase.)

I thought Trio in atziri would give me trouble but i spammed some srs and moved in with no flesh offering up, took 3~ seconds for them to all down, I only saw two of them running up as the first one died before i saw it.

Overall pretty strong so far. There's some great synergy with the strength bonus added to minions and using added fire damage. Flammability+ elemental equilibrium = -98%ish fire resistance I think. Punishment is for scaling the melee side of the minions as well as having extra atk speed on hit. If I wanted more damage, I would try Mon't greul and spare 4 points for necromatic aegis+ viactario's charity if I was focusing on zombies.

That's how my build is going so far, any other parts I can improve on? thanks!

Some ideas that come to mind is dropping shaper's touch for grip of the council. I lose 2,900ish energy shield and gained like 30 life. in exchange I get 20% of minion physical damage as cold damage, where both parts gain huge bonuses from baron strength stacking and elemental equlibrium giving enemies -50% cold res. So in total I would add 70% of minion melee damage as cold damage, and 44% of minion melee damage added as fire damage.

Ah this gave me another idea of maybe using elemental weakness instead of flammability to gain more from the cold damage as well as benefiting fire damage. As I'm using Summon Raging spirits which I assume is half fire dmg and half phys damage, Elemental weakness might be the way to go. If I can get shaper's touch with curse with elemental weakness on hit corruption, I can save a socket and put arc on spell totem.

Sorry sorry, this is me rattling on because I'm really really excited about this build!
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with a life pool split of 5k 5k you cant really afford to drop shapers touch

still , i surprised you dont get at-least one duration bubble on a srs build
How this build works in 3.0?
ByR wrote:
How this build works in 3.0?

apart from poison taking a dirt map .. there isnt much functionally different

the es changes dont effect either shapers touch or geopherie's sanctuary because the base es and scaling come from your str rather than stacking es items

they did not change the tree much at all so pathing is exactly the same

this build is not ci

zombies got a damage buff but it wont off set the loss of poison.

spectres might be a larger pain in the ass to get if you used frenzy monkeys

but all in all not much has changed
Hello everyone,

I have not updated the build yet for 3.0 (I keep getting messages about it) due to me trying out a slightly different kind of it in solo selffound (more srs-targeted)

However I don't think a lot has changed since 2.6 except we've gotten some new support gems. I would assume that "Maim" can replace poison quite easily.

At any rate I'll get to updating the trees in a while, just not yet.

If you are interested in the character I am playing for harbinger you can check my characters for 'Maiaw'
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hi, what do you think about combination

zombie + Added Fire Damage + Flammability + Elemental Weakness + Elemental Equilibrium
Masjan wrote:
hi, what do you think about combination

zombie + Added Fire Damage + Flammability + Elemental Weakness + Elemental Equilibrium

i would say , diminishing returns.

here is the thing 50% reduced resists is already enough to pretty much remove resists from the equation for most monsters and bosses.

ee alone will allow minions to 1shot trash. and the curses will only be 40% effective vs bosses.

most people alos prefer using two defensive curses instead because ee covers offense so well.

furthermore added fire is considered a last resort gem because it dilutes your pool and reduces the effectiveness of other scalers like hatred.

I'm having quite an issue.

So I have the gear you're using in the Life build, but my skill tree is different. Before 3.0, I had over 1200 STR. After 3.0, without changing any gear what so ever, I re-applied my skill tree. Point for point. My ES went down a bit, meh, don't care, but my STR dropped almost 200 points! I have removed and replaced the jewels to see if maybe something wasn't kicking in (2 violent dead, 2 Efficiency, 3 Brawn, all max STR rolls), but they're fine. I've been trying to find gear replacements now to get the STR I need, but I'm currently at 1108 STR. I will have to change my tree quite a bit to get the last 92ish STR I need for this.

Anyone happen to know why? Did they move, remove, or modify nodes that used to give big STR bonuses that I didn't notice?
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Requesting update!
Build still gucci. I have over 6K life and nearly 4K ES with some really awful rares.

I was going to use Wicker Men as Spectres in the Doon but Iron Will increases spell damage and spell damage doesn't increase Righteous Fire damage, assuming the Spectres play by the same rule. Using Cannibal Fire-eaters instead and they deal very good damage.

In the build you linked me you don't have Grave Intentions is that intended? If you don't use Mon'tregul's Grasp it doesn't matter much.

For 3.0 I'd love to know if Ruthless and Brutality work on Zombies. SRS is still king for mapping so I think I might stick my Zombies in the Baron with Minion Damage - Melee Phys - Brutality. I don't use Hatred anymore in favor of Brutality support and Haste + Purity of Elements. Also means you don't need to proc EE with Ball Lightning while cursing on hit with dual curses. I think I will get rid of dual curses and just self-cast Vulnerability and start spamming SRS on bosses.

Just a few ideas.
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