[3.2]♦Pants On Fire! LLRF Scorching Ray Guardian ♦ FULL VIDEO GUIDE UP! ♦ NO CHANGES FOR 3.2

Thanks for the build guide Ahfack, I almost min maxed my LL RF SR char. Need a few things from league merge but sitting pretty decked out now.

Not sure where to go next with it without breaking the bank. My profile is open if you can see anything. Did an afk shaper run with friends and uber elder and lab are a breeze. Very satisfying build!
Over a year improving my LL RF build, I finally achieved my ultimate goal: AFK kill Uber Elder with Righteous Fire :-)

Youtube "Fritso Vid" for Low Life Righteous Fire videos:
#1 Low Life Righteous Fire gear Mirror thread:
Going to run this as my main in Betrayal. Does anyone know if it would still run well in 3.5? I did read there are changes to ES but not sure of the impact but they look good for ES.
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Hey guys, hope you can help me, because i have no idea, what is going on. I have 2430 ES and my "c" tab showing me that im regening 532 ES per second, my fire res is 82%. So to make it simple my degen is (2430*0,7)*0,18 = 306 and my regen is 532, but im still degening ES with RF on. Do you have ani idea, why it might be? Thanks a lot! (I tryed to google it, no results)
You should be at 86% fire resist.
With the changes to crafting introduced by Betrayal League, obtaining higher maximum Energy Shield is easier and it also makes balancing resistances and attributes easier.

I managed to get 14.7k Energy Shield but I think I could get 15k with just a few divines and character levels.

My Gear

AFK tanking Uber Elder Guardians and did deathless Uber Elder.
The betrayal masters can be hard on high tier maps with all damage mods, but for the most part they are easy to tank.

Also one last note, you can switch out vitality if you have high regeneration and use Aspect of the Spider. I only switch my vitality back on when I'm delving or doing end game bosses but T16 mapping is easily done without it.

Edit: Heres my POB for those interested https://pastebin.com/skwjyZ8p
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