Content Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes

Maraketh claw base types (Double Claw, Twin Claw and Gemini Claw) now have separate life and mana on hit values, as they now grant more life on hit (15, 28 and 38 life on hit respectively).
Maraketh thrusting swords have a higher chance to bleed, going from 8%/12% to 15%/20%.
Using a Blessed Orb will update existing weapons to these new values.

Fail. Just tried this on my gemini claw and it doesn't work.
I want to get back daggers stats. What the fuck it is? [Removed by Support] First at all is damp builds from closed betta with 1 000 000 dps, I tolerated it. Now fuck shit is daggers. I want to get answer to my fucken question. I want to back daggers stats. Shadow is a creep after all this shit.
Last edited by Support on Mar 27, 2017, 9:18:20 PM
I think this might be a bug. I tried to roll the new stats with Divine Orbs on Ylfeban's Trickery, but cannot get "Shock Ground that casts when you are hit" at 100%.

Instead I have :

20% chance to create Shocked Ground when Hit
20% chance to Curse Enemies with a random Curse on Hit

Here is a link to my helm :

Clutch_Perry wrote:
There are two excellent solutions to you guys having problems with your standard items getting nerfed:

1) Don't play standard, lol.

2) Uninstall

Hope this helps!

what a wonderful community we have.
Maybe one day GGG will realize we don't like Labyrinth. ha.
a lot of material.
x7yr wrote:
Thank God i haven bought the New Supporter Pack.
No Way i play this Projectile Spark League Legacy Crap


didn't you uninstall ?
is so good

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