We need a Crit Wild Strike Inquisitor build for 2.6

"More" damage and attackspeed. You only need Blood Rage somewhere.
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Could someone throw one together for staff since we can benefit from the passive changes? I like the idea of Varunastra, but it's not really a league starter.
I was considering using an hegemony's era staff and going CI with inquisitor

this is the tree ive planned so far:

Its an extremely high elvel tree so i'll probbably have to drop one node somewhere.

The only downside is that I didnt grab any life leech on the tree, so I would have to look for an amulet with a high roll, which is really bad =/

I'm also trying to work out a life based version of this tree.

If anyone has any idea or advice on how to improve it please help me :D
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You can always get the lifeleech on jewels or from blasphemy, however you do seem to have very few ES nodes.

Is what I have in mind. Thinking a Hegemony or nicely rolled rare staff would do the trick.
Aren't the weapon elemental damage bottom right nodes working well with it? I don't see anyone making the trouble so im wondering

Kinda of what I am going to try to do with Doryani's and Deaths hand...though not sure deaths hand will keep up with the change to the skill. Working Ash and Ice in Doryani's, using thunder seperate for poacher mark buff. Still in debate if they reflect reduction will be worth it, or just can skip the modded maps and invest elsewhere. Mainly armor/hp toon.

6 link right now is Added fire, Multistrike, increase crit, WED, phys to lightning (which needs changed I guess now)
Phys to lighning will not be that good... Especially if you are using such slow weapons. Also Deaths Hand is totally garbage. You alternate your weapon and gimp your dmg further. Better use faster attacks or crit multi. And use Assmark instead of your poachers. Add Sharktooth boots for Frenzy charge generation and the 4rth link of cwd setup is a Warlords Mark. There are other ways to get Frenzy charges, hell even the amulet withonly 10% frenz and powercharge generation would be enough. You can use one spare slot for Frenzy at Bossfights. Written from a shitty mobile.

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