The Legacy Challenge League

Closed Beta Since 0.9.8
"Show me a game where it looks good please : P not real life. Alot of things don't transfer well from real life to games. Mainly spell effects seeing as they dont exist in real life." - Russell
no idea if i have enough money in my account right now for a pack... but baby devour... and its too cold outside to walk to a cashpoint to check...

ok, were gonna yolo slam the card, if it gets rejected it gets rejected, lets go
So we are getting droppable zana mods?
unless the drop rate is very high, this is everything I hoped it won't be. just another currency dump to have while mapping.
that sudden ignition gem, i have a feeling i'm going to play a xoph's nurture burning arrow charra again :D

depending on how scarce the bow is ofc

question about the gem...

If i equip 2, can burning arrow ignite 3 times?

also, since prolif, and ignited by burning arrow, will the prolif stack if i ignite two seperate enemies once?
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Sorry, I can't come out now, I'm searching for Facebreakers.
Whoop whoop can't wait ^^

will there be unique stones that can drop? if so that would be neat :D

anyways can't wait to play this on ssf <3
Upside down andy.
Oh baby, possible legacy drops in a modern challenge league and being able to combine up to 3 past league mods - hnggggggggggg!
You... nailed it o/.

Awesome btw, totally what i was expecting (the # of uses thing) after i saw this reddit thread.
Gimme that little Breach Beyond & Perandus. I want more fps .
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raisin2u wrote:
GGG, please make THIS the core game!

+1000000000 this so much!
Upside down andy.

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