Costume Showcase


Surprisingly cool :o)

Posted as requested..XD

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My Juggernaut. :-D

Hail Thor-show thy might, Let thunder roar and lightning strike! Hurl thy hammer into the fray, And let thine enemies know fear this day!
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(Lovely area for a photo shoot) JS.

Confront those who dare obstruct the transmission of your information with swift rejection, for they are sitting silently obsessing over your submission.
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Hi there, I'm new to the community.
This is my second character build, Eliyal - the first build wasn't that great. But a good newb learns :D

And of course, some action shots, hehe . . .

A bit of Glacial Hammer

And some Vaal Ground Slam devastation

nater9999 wrote:

That's rad.
The divine Juggernaut!



The divine Juggernaut!

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