Costume Showcase

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Someone told me that i should post my character onto this forum. Not sure why. If you ask me i look ridiculous.
Was invited to showcase by Warlord_Karuhama. Just Demonking armour set with Twisted Horns and Legacy character effect.
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well I was unhappy with my previous post so i decided to make some changes, and to be perfectly honest I like it.Also decided to include a back shot this time.

Was invited to showcase by Warlord_Karuhama to show off some ideas to look good in POE ;)

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Warlord_Karuhama said I should post, this is my current setup no pets.
Alt Art Pillar of the Gods, Classic Weapon Effect
Celestial Hood
Journeyman Armour (Supporter Pack) w/Grandmaster Banner back attachment
Voidbringer Gloves
Legacy Boots w/ Ebony Footprints
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