Costume Showcase

so far this is the best outfit i could come up with for alt art alpha howl. i feel the character effect blocks it but still working on it. :) thank you for your time.
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The Hellkite

Pretty proud of how this guy turned out. Subjugator helm, gloves, and boots. Sinnocence chest, wings, helm attachment, and footprints. Innocence sword with Seeker weapon effect and Celestial Shield. Alpha Manticore char effect. This guy is a Mjoln discharger, so there's also the celestial RF and flare discharge effects.

And of course all the flowy stuff:
Warlord Karuhama alt. look

Anyone able to showcase celestial armor + boots + gloves + celestial hood with fire wings, glowing red eyes and any sort of red weapon effect? (ultimate chaos, manticore support etc)

☻♣♠♥The Golden Way of Life♥☺☻♣♠

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Rel-nau-kar, One of the First Ones

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