On the weekend of the 10th-12th (PST) of February we're hosting a few days of races where players can compete every hour for prizes and bragging-rights! We've organised a three-day schedule with a variety of races to participate in. We're also giving out a free Stormcaller Mystery Box to every player who reaches level 10 in a single race!

The race weekend starts at Feb 10, 2017 3:00 PM (GMT) (This is displayed in your local time). The first race will start at this time and run for one hour. Once it ends, there will be an hour break and another race will start and run for one hour. It will continue like this for the weekend.

The Descent Champions, Act 2 Solo and Act 3 Solo races are an exception and will run 40, 45 and 50 minutes respectively. They will still fit into the hour on/hour off pattern but there will be a larger break between these races and the races that follow them.

If you're new to racing and not sure what each race entails, you can find more information about the individual races here and some tips for getting started here. NOTE: It's okay to delete your race characters once you've participated in a race. They only need to appear on the ladder to be counted.

Check out the schedule below for more information! Click here to view the schedule in your local time zone.


The top of each class in each race will be awarded a Demigod's Dominance Body Armour.

By reaching level 10 in any race you will be awarded a Stormcaller Mystery Box. This applies only once per account. Multiple level 10 characters will not grant multiple mystery boxes. If you're participating in a race that starts at a higher level, you would need to get 10 levels above the starting level to be awarded a mystery box. For example, if the race starts at level 28, you'll need to get level 38.

10 out of the top 50 players of each race will be randomly selected to receive the armour set that has been allocated to that race. 30 out of the top 300 players of each race will be randomly selected to receive the footprints that have been allocated to that race. This excludes cutthroat races where no microtransactions will be awarded as annihilating other players in a blood-brawl is its own reward.

The following image displays which armour sets and footprints have been randomly allocated to each race.

The prizes will be awarded after the weekend of races has concluded. As always, if you're not able to race this time around, be sure to check out the action live on Twitch. Good luck, everyone!
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got tests to write :(
Coffee & Cigarettes
pvp love plz
nice :) race away

Pls give us something a little bit more in-depth than a thrown-together weekend in the near future though. I really don't mean to sound ungrateful here, but seriously races feel incredibly neglected.

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gl hf
Too bad I suck at races, wanted to get excited about this. Oh well, new stuff always good!

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