The Medallion Race Season In Depth

Descent (listed as Mistress of Flame kill)
Descent is an alternate game mode. This article outlining the Descent race type has most of the information you'll need to be prepared. Two out of the twelve events of this type available will have the Onslaught mod. This race type is voided (your items and characters are not migrated to a parent league).

Descent Champions (listed as Gravicius DC)
Descent Champions is another alternate game mode. It's a bit more complex in terms of choices available to players. At the end of some areas you get a choice of starting in different areas with different item chests. Two out of the twelve events of this type available will have the Onslaught mod. This race type is voided.

Endless Ledge
Endless Ledge is the third alternate game mode. You receive a chest at the beginning with low level gems. Four out of the eight events will have the Winterheart modifier (areas have chilled ground, players are 45% faster when chilled). This race type is voided.

Alternate Start Races (Act Two or Three)
These races start from either the Act Two or Act Three towns instead of the traditional starting position of Twilight Strand. You start with a premade character but with your passive skills unallocated. It's recommended to log in slightly early for the race so that you can allocate your passives in your desired build. There's a list of recommended skill trees here.

Quicksilver Flasks and spellcaster weapons cannot be stashed in these races, however it is possible to stash other parts of your gear if you desire. This race type is voided. This article has a list of the gems and gear provided at the beginning of the race.

Cutthroat League
Players may join another player's instances by using Ctrl+Click at waypoints and doorways. You are able to kill other players outside of town. Slain players grant experience and drop all of their non-gem equipment when they die.

Boss Kill Races
In these races, your objective is to kill a specific boss on a timer that starts at the beginning of the race. This differs to regular races where typically your goal is to gain the most experience as opposed to fastest time. There are races to kill Brutus, Merveil, Piety, Dominus, Malachai and Izaro.

Descent and Descent Champions are also Boss Kill races this season. The area seed is shared between players, but not revealed. Some of these races have specific mods attributed to them. If you're not familiar with race mods be sure to check out the list below for more information.

Eternal Torment
All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 10 additional Tormented Spirits. Spirits will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions. This race type is voided.

Exiles Everywhere
All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand are inhabited by 20 additional Rogue Exiles. Specific Rogue Exiles are not restricted by level, so any Exile can appear in any area. This race type is voided.

These acronyms stand for a combination of the mods (you can find more information listed below). Blood Magic, Lethal, Ancestral, Multiple Projectiles, Turbo and the same with Sentinel instead of Ancestral. These races hold the hardest content you can encounter in the game. It is advised to go slowly and make sure to engage a minimal amount of monsters at a time in the beginning. Prioritise ranged monsters as they cover a lot of ground with the multiple projectiles mod.

Modifiers Included in the Medallion Race Season
  • Ancestral: All areas except towns have enemy totems spread across the zone that grant benefits to your enemies while attacking you.
  • Arctic: All areas other than towns contain drifting areas of cold damage.
  • Blood Magic: Characters act as if they have the Blood Magic passive allocated. This will cause them to consume life instead of mana for skills with mana cost and mana reservations.
  • Brutal: Monsters have 20% increased attack and cast speed, and deal 20% increased damage.
  • Emberwake: 30% of monsters' physical damage is added as fire, and they move 30% faster.
  • Eternal Torment: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 10 additional Tormented Spirits. The Tormented Spirits will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Exiles Everywhere: All areas other than towns and the Twilight Strand will be inhabited by 20 additional rogue exiles. Exiles will spawn regardless of their usual level restrictions.
  • Fixed Seed: All instances of a given area have the same area layout for all players. Multiple Race Events will regularly have the same seed. That is, the instance area layouts will be same in all the races of a fixed seed set. This includes all Signature events.
  • Headhunter: When you kill a rare monster, you gain all its mods for 20 seconds. Every monster pack has a rare monster (even the Twilight Strand). This race type is voided.
  • Lethal: Monsters deal 50% increased damage. Monsters have 50% of their physical damage added as cold damage, as fire damage, and as lightning damage. (Some races will not have the extra cold damage)
  • Multiple Projectiles: Monsters have four additional projectiles when using projectile based skills/attacks.
  • Revealed Map: The minimap is automatically fully revealed.
  • Turbo: Monsters run, attack and cast 60% faster than normal.
  • Unwavering: Monsters have 35% increased life and cannot be stunned.
  • Winterheart: All areas contain patches of chilled ground. Players are accelerated, rather than being slowed by being chilled.
  • Sentinel: All areas except towns have enemy sentinels spread across the zone.
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