[3.14] Flame Golem 101 - Complete Guide To Golemancy, ✔️All Bosses Down, ✔️Necro, ✔️Elementalist

Does anyone know the base damage of Flame Golem? Esp the mortar skills?
Hey all, just checking back in after over a year from my last post here. Fingers crossed 3.21 is the league that brings flame golems back into being a competitive build again.
I guess this build wont be upgraded anymore?
I think it's unlikely to be updated in the near future although maybe Mika will fancy coming back at some point.

There are still people running Flame Golems each league though so the build is still "viable" I guess even if it probably struggles a bit with the ultra endgame encounters damage wise. You can look on PoE Ninja to see how people build it now but it mostly seems like they run a +1 curse primordial chain, Pledge of Hands unique staff and the Brass Dome body armour.

I'm mostly done with the league but I think I might just slap a Flame golemancer together with bits and pieces I have lying around and see how it feels in red maps.
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